[SkillShare] Mindful Drawing 101: Guided Prompts for Creative Self-Care



Mindful Drawing combines the benefits of mindfulness with the practice of drawing through the foundations of presence, awareness, and non-judgment.

Do you wish you could feel calmer when life gets busy? Maybe you’ve been told to meditate, but you’ve found that it can be easy to lose focus or motivation. On the other hand, maybe you want to create more art, but have trouble making something because your inner critic gets in the way. These two problems may seem different, but actually have more in common than you might think! In this class, I’m going to share a fun and easy exercise for developing your mindfulness and your creativity. I call this practice Mindful Drawing.

This class is for everyone who wants to relax and draw! It is meant to provide simple and useful guidance for starting or deepening your mindfulness practice.

In this class, we’ll cover:

• Basic principles of mindful drawing
• The benefits of mindful drawing
• Beginning your drawing in the present moment
• Prompts to engage your senses and connect you to the environment
• Prompts to help you reflect on gratitude and self-compassion
• Top-down drawing demonstrations for guidance

This class also includes a downloadable template that you can use to follow along with the drawing prompts we will do in the class.

As promised, here is the link to the Tangerine Meditation that I mentioned in the class.

Here are also some of my favorite mindfulness and mindful drawing recommendations:

• Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing: A creative path to awareness by Wendy Anne Greenhalgh
• Breathe: A Thich Nhat Hanh Meditation Journal by Thich Nhat Hanh
• Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Everyday Life by Rohan Gunatillake


Hands-on Class Project

I encourage you to share your drawing(s) from the Mindful Drawing exercises we did in the class, and feel free to add some words of reflection as well. Let me know what you found most challenging or more enjoyable, and if you noticed anything you didn’t expect! I’ll be happy to provide feedback too 🙂

If you share your work on Instagram, I welcome you to tag us @mimochai and use the hashtag #mimodrawandbreathe!

Here are a couple examples I have done, including the one from this class:

This one is from the livestream I host with Mimochai, called Draw & Breathe! If you’d like to join our livestreams in the future, please feel free to join our Mimochai mailing list.


Covered Topics

• Drawing
• Health & Wellness
• Lifestyle
• Personal Development
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Creativity
• Self Care
• Visual Journaling


About Author

I’m an illustrator with an independent studio based in LA. I’m here to share useful skills along with my love for meaningful make believe. If you’d like to be updated of my new classes, just hit the +Follow button.

Visit my studio at mimochai.com and find more resources at mimi-chao.com. Follow me on IG @mimochai and @mimizchao.

See my full teacher profile for more! -Mimi


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