[SKILLSHARE] 2D Animation: Bring Your Art To Life In After Effects

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Heads Up! – the instructor will be absent for the extended future

Save time learning how to rig a character for an animated short or mini-series with After Effects all from a photoshop character (which is provided!)

You will quickly learn:

  • Eyes – blinking and movement
  • Lip-Sync – mouth’s ability to react to replaceable audio tracks
  • Face – facial expressions (which still work with talking)
  • Hair – to be able to move in the wind and react with head movement
  • Legs – including ankle and foot articulation
  • Arms – with opening and closing hands
  • Secondary Clothing – a dress/skirt which moves with the underlying legs
  • Animate – set up a scene for a short animation including walking
  • Exporting – taking the project into Premier Pro to add in background music.

No After Effects experience necessary. Many of the Key Commands are displayed on-screen as the course goes along.

If you love to draw or paint digital art in Photoshop or even the Procreate app for iPad this course will teach you skills to take your own creative characters drawn in a layered fashion and bring them to life for use time and time again with the use of a couple extra tools which massively Save Time.

Let’s get started!

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Skills in this Class:

Animation Character Animation Adobe After Effects Creative

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