[SkillShare] Notion Masterclass: Maximise Your Productivity & Organisation

SkillShare – Notion Masterclass: Maximise Your Productivity & Organisation [FCO]


About This Class

Notion is one of the best productivity apps out there. It’s designed to make organising and systemising your personal or professional life much simpler, and much more productive. In this class, I explain how to use Notion and how to leverage Notion to maximise your productivity and organisation.

My FREE Skillshare Bonus Resources

As I mentioned in the course, I’ve now made a bunch of free resources for all of my Skillshare classes, exclusively for my Skillshare students. They’re packed with additional course-related content for every class, and will help you refresh what you’ve learnt, as well as explore some of the other classes you haven’t taken yet. Check them out.

I personally use Notion to run my entire business of around 15 people, but I first discovered it in 2019 as a student and it totally changed the game for me. I was suddenly able to organise my classes, create a system for making YouTube videos and stay on top of my personal life as well. It really is one of the best note-taking apps out there.

In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Notion, including how to use pages, databases and even make your own website. Throughout the course, I’ll be explaining all the features of Notion whilst building LifeOS dashboard to organise my life, and the class project is to build one of your own! Make sure to check this out in the class project tab.

By using Notion you will be able to free up mental space to focus on what the brain does best, generating ideas and solving problems, not storing endless information. This course enables you to both understand everything Notion has to offer, but more importantly how to leverage the software too.

In the course I mention a few different things, so here are all of the most important links, as well as a link to my Skillshare resources hub where you can get free Notion templates for any Skillshare course I’ve ever made.

1. My Skillshare Resources HQ.
2. Notion
3. Indify – Embed widgets into your Notion setup.
4. Super – Use Notion to build a website (this link has a discount as I mentioned in the course).
5. CustomBlocks – Build unique charts, flows and lists in Notion.
6. Notion2charts – Turn Notion databases into charts.
7. Notion2Sheets – Turn Notion databases into sheets.
8. The Notion Website – Find guides, tutorials and information about all things Notion.
9. Red Gregory – One of the best Notion blogs around.
10. Notion VIP – Another educational blog and website about Notion.
11. Thomas Frank Explains – Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel dedicated to Notion.
12. Marie Poulin – One of the world’s leading Notion experts.
13. Auguste Bradley – A life design guru who uses Notion to build life operating systems.
14. Elizabeth Filips – A fellow YouTuber and friend who uses Notion as a second brain.


Hands-on Class Project

The Project

Once you’ve learnt how to use Notion, then you need to get started using Notion to organise your life or your work.

The project for this class is to make your own LifeOS dashboard like the one I made, and see how impressive you can make it. You’ll need to do these things to join in with the class project:

1. If you haven’t already, download Notion and create an account.
2. Design your LifeOS dashboard.
3. Post a screenshot or link to your template in the class project section.

Like I preach throughout this class, 95% of the uses for Notion are quite simple, so don’t feel you have to create something complicated, I just want to see you using it! I’ll be checking out what you post and maybe even feature a few of the templates I like in future videos in this class.

You can also check out other students’ videos and give feedback.


Skills you will gain

– Business
– Personal Development
– Productivity
– Software
– Organization
– Systems Thinking
– Student Tools



Hi there, I’m Ali, a YouTuber, podcaster, entrepreneur, and online teacher. I graduated from medical school at the University of Cambridge in 2018 and worked as a doctor for two years. Now, I live in London, spending my time making videos, doing podcasts and writing my first non-fiction book.

I started my YouTube journey in 2017, making videos about study techniques and my medical school experience. The channel grew dramatically over the next few years, and I started making videos about broader topics like productivity, wealth, and how to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. This journey on YouTube, along with my love of teaching, led me to where I am now with a wide range of courses on Skillshare.


General Info:

Author(s): Ali Abdaal, Doctor + YouTuber
Language: English
Released: 2023
Videos Duration: 1h 45m
Course Source: https://www.skillshare.com/en/classes/Notion-Masterclass-Maximise-Your-Productivity-Organisation/1533502361


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