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Java is a useful ,robust and popular programming language to embark on that journey.
This course is a practical Hands-on course from the first to the last section. The best way to learn is by doing so you will be doing a lot of coding.

This course will guide you through java basics, its core syntax, and the fundamentals of writing strong java code. I will show you how to install Java JDK and NetBeans IDE. Netbeans is a great IDE for developing in java, and then dive into the language itself. Along the way, we will cover topics such as:

– Declaring and initializing variables with a variety of data types
– Exploring Basic Arithmetic operators
– Troubleshoot Compile errors
– Controlling flow with conditional code
– Creating Method
– Creating Event Handler methods
– Using Component controls and changing their properties

If java is your first step into programming or adding it your existing skillset, these training videos will help you understand the language and use it to build your own great software.


Projects & Resources

I have attached all the projects source code that I have shown in course videos. You can check them while practicing…After finishing this course I want you to solve some problems and upload them as zip files in project gallery so that I can check your basic understanding of Java programming.

Projects To Submit:

1) Scan a number from user and write a program using if-else to check whether the number is positive or negative.

2) Scan a number from user and write a program using for loop and if-else to check whether the number is a prime or not.

Hints: Prime numbers are only divisible by 1 and the number itself.. For example 13 is a prime number….It is divisible only by 1 and 13…So, you need to run a for loop starting from 2 and the loop will run till 13/2=6.5 or 6..from 2 to 6 you will divide the number every time.. So, if you get the modulus or remainder is 0 then the number is prime otherwise it is not a prime.. Clear the logic and show some programming skills.


Covered Topics

• Technology
• Programming
• Mobile Development
• Java


About Author

August Ashik, You will find lectures on different topics here. I try my best to conduct courses as smoothly as possible so that students will find it easy to relate. Feel free to review my courses. It will help me to improve my teaching skills. Thank you.


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