[Coursera] Natural Language Processing Specialization

Coursera – Natural Language Processing Specialization [FCO] About Break into NLP. Master cutting-edge NLP techniques through four hands-on courses! Updated with the latest techniques in October ’21. What you’ll learn • Use logistic regression, naïve Bayes, and word vectors to implement sentiment analysis, complete analogies & translate words. • Use dynamic programming, hidden Markov models, […]

[Frontend Masters] Build Go Apps That Scale on AWS

Frontend Masters – Build Go Apps That Scale on AWS [FCO] About Spend a full day building a robust application with Go and AWS CDK with Melkey. Course description This workshop focuses on deploying a robust application using AWS CDK and Golang. This session will guide you through the essentials of the AWS Cloud Development […]

[Coursera] Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Coursera – Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate [FCO] About Launch your career as a Social Media Marketer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. No degree or prior experience required to get started. What you’ll learn • Establish an online presence, build a following, and manage your social […]

[Coursera] IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Coursera – IBM Data Science Professional Certificate [FCO] About Prepare for a career as a data scientist. Develop in-demand skills and hands-on experience to get job-ready in as little as 5 months. No prior experience required. What you’ll learn • Master the most up-to-date practical skills and knowledge that data scientists use in their daily […]

[Fireship] Fulltext Search on Firebase with Meilisearch

Fireship – Fulltext Search on Firebase with Meilisearch [FCO] About A common issue that developers face with NoSQL databases (and SQL to a lesser extent) is a lack of full-text search capabilities. If you want to build a performant typeahead search box or handle multi-property filtering on a collection, you’ll find it frustratingly difficult to […]

[Frontend Masters] Fast and Budget-Friendly User Research and Testing

Frontend Masters – Fast and Budget-Friendly User Research and Testing [FCO] About Explore practical approaches to user research and assemble a toolkit of testing techniques you can use throughout the design cycle with Paul Boag. Course description We don’t live in an ideal world. Most of us have too much work, too little time, and […]

[Fireship] SvelteKit Full Course

Fireship – SvelteKit Full Course [FCO] About SvelteKit Full Course Learn how to build awesome full-stack apps with SvelteKit SvelteKit – The Full Course is a hands-on tutorial where you will build a complete web app with SvelteKit and Firebase – the so-called FKIT stack. What will I learn? • Everything you need to be […]

[Frontend Masters] Product Design Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Product Design Fundamentals [FCO] About Join UX consultant Paul Boag in this workshop to learn the basics of product design. Discover how to create fast and effective prototypes before designing your final app using a robust design system. Course description If you want to create a great app or already have a […]

[Fireship] Stripe for SaaS

Fireship – Stripe For SaaS [FCO] About Stripe for SaaS Accept Payments in your Software-as-a-Service Product with Stripe Stripe for SaaS Full Course is a hands-on tutorial where you will build a monetized web app with Stripe, Next.js and Supabase. What will I learn? • Everything you need to build complex payment flows with Stripe […]

[Frontend Masters] CSS Grid & Flexbox, v3

Frontend Masters – CSS Grid & Flexbox, v3 [FCO] About Spend two days learning layout techniques using CSS Grid and Flexbox with Jen Kramer. Course description Explore CSS layouts in-depth, including Grid and Subgrid, Flexbox, responsive image techniques, media queries, and container queries. Learn how to apply these techniques to your next website, even if […]

[O’REILLY] Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) RHEL 9 Crash Course

O’REILLY – Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) RHEL 9 Crash Course [FCO] About • Get focused training on key concepts for the RHCSA RHEL 9 objectives • Learn by working on labs interactively in class • Practice your skills with homework labs and exercises The RHCSA exam is the most popular Linux certification. It […]

[Coursera] TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques Specialization

Coursera – TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques Specialization [FCO] About Expand your skill set and master TensorFlow. Customize your machine learning models through four hands-on courses! What you’ll learn • Understand the underlying basis of the Functional API and build exotic non-sequential model types, custom loss functions, and layers. • Learn optimization and how to use GradientTape […]

[Emil Kowalski] Animations on the web

Emil Kowalski – Animations on the web [FCO] About Learn how to craft animations that make people feel something. It’s for those that like my style of animations and/or anyone aspiring to improve their skills. This course contains everything I know about motion on the web. You’ll learn how to build components like these two […]

[Code With Andrea] Flutter & Firebase Masterclass (Complete Package)

Code With Andrea – Flutter & Firebase Masterclass (Complete Package) [FCO] About Learn about Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, Stripe payments, and much more by building a full-stack Flutter eCommerce app on iOS, Android, and web. Course Overview If you need a backend for your Flutter app, Firebase is the most obvious choice. Firebase […]

[Kevin Powell] Beyond CSS

Kevin Powell – Beyond CSS [FCO] About A course to help you learn how to wrangle your stylesheets, keeping them organized and scalable no matter the size of the project or how big your team is. Beyond CSS is a course designed to help you use modern CSS and tools like Sass and PostCSS to […]

[BuildFast Academy] Build Fast Masterclass

BuildFast Academy – Build Fast Masterclass [FCO] About “How to finally Launch your AI Product (without ripping your hair out).. that makes you money in 30 days (or less)” But unlike other AI courses, you won’t learn passively – you will code 5 live-production projects (no AI experience required) and join a community of serial […]

[Code With Mosh] Testing React Apps with React Testing Library

Code With Mosh – Testing React Apps with React Testing Library [FCO] About A comprehensive A-Z guide to testing React apps with React Testing Library and Vitest / Jest. What You’ll Learn • Master the fundamentals of testing React applications with React Testing Library. • Write maintainable, robust, and trustworthy tests that consistently deliver value. […]

[Coursera] Introduction to Data Science Specialization

Coursera – Introduction to Data Science Specialization [FCO] About Launch your career in data science. Gain foundational data science skills to prepare for a career or further advanced learning in data science. What you’ll learn • Describe what data science and machine learning are, their applications & use cases, and various types of tasks performed […]

[Travis Waith Mair] Mastering CSS Layout

Travis Waith Mair – Mastering CSS Layout [FCO] Mastering CSS Layout Become confident in building any CSS layout by learning the fundamental CSS Design Patterns and Best Practices that are responsible for all the CSS layouts in the world. Make CSS easy and intuitive by identifying those building blocks in seconds in every layout and […]

[LBTA] Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore

LetsBuildThatApp – Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore [FCO] About Ready to become a professional developer? After this course you will be prepared for any type of interview. Prerequisites: basic SwiftUI skills, understanding of networking. Course Topics • Rendering SwiftUI views with NavigationStack, ScrollView, Searchable, GeometryReader, AsyncImage, etc. • Fetching JSON with Async/Await • Decoding JSON […]

[Coursera] Business Foundations Specialization

Coursera – Business Foundations Specialization [FCO] About Solve Real Business Problems. Build a foundation of core business skills in marketing, finance, accounting and operations. What you’ll learn • Understand branding and go-to-market strategies • Read income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements • Manage people through motivation and reward systems • Analyze and improve […]

[Frontend Masters] JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional

Frontend Masters – JavaScript: From First Steps to Professional [FCO] About Take your first steps into the wide world of JavaScript and walk away with the core skills needed to become a professional JavaScript programmer! Through a series of hands-on projects, you’ll learn the building blocks to write dynamic websites. Modify web pages on the […]

[Code With Ania] Learn to Code: Full Stack Developer Course

Code With Ania – Learn to Code: Full Stack Developer Course [FCO] LET’S GET CODING Coding is now a necessary talent for high-paying employment. Learn now with calls and virtual classes. 70 HRS+ OF CONTENT 470+ VIDEOS, GROUP CALLS, SHOW-AND-TELLS, CODE PLAYGROUNDS, VIDEOS, QUIZZES, 22 PROJECTS, DISCORD COMMUNITY, 1:1 MENTOR CALLS, JOB HUNT ADVICE, CV […]

[Coursera] Software Product Management Specialization

Coursera – Software Product Management Specialization [FCO] About Create Better Software using Agile Practices. Master Agile development and effective interactions to drive the making of great software products What you’ll learn • Master Agile software development practices. • Confidently interact with clients and manage a team of developers. • Practice and apply management techniques to […]

[Frontend Masters] The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (V1 & V2)

Frontend Masters – The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (V1 & V2) [FCO] The Last Algorithms Course You’ll Need (Part 1) (Version 1) Welcome to a super fun, beginner-friendly data structures and algorithms course. Is it really the last algorithms course you’ll need? If you want to pass tough interview questions, then yes! You’ll learn […]

[TVT] The Volume Traders 2.0 [Complete Course]

TVT – The Volume Traders 2.0 [Complete Course] [FCO] Full Rip – The Volume Traders 2.0 [Part 1] – The Volume Traders 2.0 [Part 2] Trade Like Never Before I’ll show you how to analyze charts logically and follow institutional traders using real-time data, footprints, and volume tools. About TVT Grow with The Volume Traders […]

[A Cloud Guru] Serverless Security Principles

A Cloud Guru – Serverless Security Principles [FCO] About Learn about serverless security risks and concerns What you’ll learn Serverless architecture enhances software development with increased flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge and address potential security concerns associated with deploying serverless code and workloads. Achieving a secure implementation requires a proactive […]

[PacktPub] Learn to Code with Ruby

PacktPub – Learn to Code with Ruby [FCO] Video description “Learn to Code with Ruby” is a meticulously crafted educational experience, designed to take you from beginner to proficient in the world of programming. Your learning adventure begins with the basics of installation and configuration on various operating systems, followed by an exploration of Ruby’s […]

[Coursera] TensorFlow: Data and Deployment Specialization

Coursera – TensorFlow: Data and Deployment Specialization [FCO] What you’ll learn • Run models in your browser using TensorFlow.js • Prepare and deploy models on mobile devices using TensorFlow Lite • Access, organize, and process training data more easily using TensorFlow Data Services • Explore four advanced deployment scenarios using TensorFlow Serving, TensorFlow Hub, and […]