[Coursera] DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization

What you’ll learn

• DevOps essential characteristics including culture, behavior, practices, tools, methodologies, technologies and metrics.

• Core concepts of Cloud Computing, including its benefits, models, use cases,   platforms, services, resources and opportunities.

• Agile practices of small batches, minimum viable products, pair programming, behavior- and test-driven development.

• Scrum methodologies to create a product backlog, write user stories, use the sprint planning process, and measure performance.


Skills you’ll gain

• Cloud Computing
• Agile
• Devops
• Scrum
• Cloud Native


Specialization – 3 course series

DevOps is more than just a fusion of development and operations. It is the cultural change that organizations everywhere are adopting to become more agile and innovate at scale. It makes it easier to deliver software and services at the speed the market demands.

This specialization will equip you with a foundational   understanding of DevOps, Cloud Computing, Agile, and Scrum and their   transformational impact on businesses and approaches to software   engineering

You will learn about the DevOps culture and its benefits, Cloud Computing fundamentals, the Agile philosophy, and Scrum methodology. You will familiarize yourself with the skills, technology, tools, processes,   practices, and metrics to become a successful DevOps practitioner.

This specialization is suitable for both technical audiences – who want to either upskill with DevOps or start a career in this in-demand domain to become DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Application Developers,   SREs, Cloud Specialists, etc., as well less technical audiences –   including managers, executives, product managers, and project managers.

1. Introduction to DevOps
2. Introduction to Cloud Computing
3. Introduction to Agile Development and Scrum

3 Courses, Total, 382 Files, 59 Folders


Applied Learning Project

The projects in these courses do not involve any coding and are designed for you to apply and demonstrate your grounding in DevOps and its principles.

You will:

• examine a business case study and make your recommendations for transforming the organization to adopt DevOps;

• create a cloud account and provision a service on cloud; and

• develop an Agile plan with ZenHub by writing user stories, and simulating a Scrum sprint.



Rav Ahuja, John Rofrano

Offered By IBM


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