[Coursera] DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization

Coursera – DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization [FCO] What you’ll learn • DevOps essential characteristics including culture, behavior, practices, tools, methodologies, technologies and metrics. • Core concepts of Cloud Computing, including its benefits, models, use cases,   platforms, services, resources and opportunities. • Agile practices of small batches, minimum viable products, pair programming, behavior- […]

[Cloud Academy] Developing With GitHub Copilot

Cloud Academy – Developing With GitHub Copilot [FCO] About This lesson walks through the development of a command line TODO list application. Learning Objectives • Explain the value of temporary context • Explain the value of iterative refactoring • Explain the drawbacks of LLM-based applications • Use effective context to produce quality code • Use […]

[Coursera] IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate

Coursera – IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate [FCO] About Prepare for a career as a full stack developer. Gain the in-demand skills and hands-on experience to get job-ready in less than 4 months. No prior experience required. What you’ll learn • Master the most up-to-date practical skills and tools that full stack developers […]

[A Cloud Guru] Deploying And Managing A Web Application In Kubernetes With Terraform

A Cloud Guru – Deploying And Managing A Web Application In Kubernetes With Terraform [FCO] About This course teaches you how to use Terraform to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and to deploy and manage the associated Kubernetes resources. About the course In this course, Deploying and Managing a Web Application in Kubernetes with Terraform, you’ll […]

[LiveLessons] Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Complete Video Course (Video Training), 3rd Edition

LiveLessons – Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Complete Video Course (Video Training), 3rd Edition [FCO] About More than 13 hours of deep-dive video training to learn how to run applications on Kubernetes and pass the CKAD exam. In-Detail Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Complete Video Course, Third Edition is your complete guide to learning how […]

[CBT Nuggets] Google Kubernetes

CBT Nuggets – Google Kubernetes [FCO]   Google Kubernetes Online Training This intermediate Google Kubernetes training prepares learners to manage every part of Kubernetes clusters in the Google cloud – from deploying them, to paying for them and advanced configurations. Kubernetes is familiar to many DevOps professionals – most people understand that they should know […]

[PacktPub] CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course [Video]

PacktPub – CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course [Video] [FCO]   About this video This CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course will help you learn server automation, continuous integration, build pipelines and configuration tools, automated testing and code quality improvement, and distributed systems in Jenkins through intensive, hands-on practice assignments.   You will […]

[CloudAcademy] Getting Started With Azure Cross-Platform CLI Automation

CloudAcademy – Getting Started With Azure Cross-Platform CLI Automation [FCO]   Description In this demonstration, we will take a look at the JSON output support in the Azure Cross-Platform (xPlat) CLI Tool. By emitting JSON from the Azure xPlat CLI Tool, we can use other JSON parsing tools, such as jsawk or jq, to filter, […]

[CBT Nuggets] How To Build Docker Images

CBT Nuggets – How To Build Docker Images [FCO]   How to Build Docker Images Online Training This intermediate How to Build Docker Images training prepares DevOps admins to build a Docker image and deploy applications to any environment the same way every time. By solving one of the biggest problems of deployment, Docker doesn’t […]

[FireShip] Git & GitHub Full Course

[FireShip] Git & GitHub Full Course [FCO]   Master the fundamentals of Git and GitHub from the ground up   The Git & GitHub Full Course teaches you how to use Git and GitHub to manage your code like a professional software engineer. Take a hands on approach to learn the basics of version control from […]

[Academind Pro] GitHub Actions – The Complete Guide

Academind Pro – GitHub Actions – The Complete Guide [FCO] About Learn how to build automated CI / CD workflows with GitHub’s DevOps service. In-Detail GitHub Actions is an extremely popular and fast-growing CI / CD automation service offered by GitHub. This course teaches GitHub Actions from the ground up, without any prior GitHub Actions […]

[TechWorld] The Ultimate Course For IT Beginners

TechWorld – The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners [FCO] Getting started in IT – Techworld With Nana About A mini-bootcamp for learning the  complete Software Development Life Cycle  by taking up all key roles in practice one by one! Inside an IT project  – From 0 to Junior Engineer Why we created this course We […]

[CBT Nuggets] Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)

CBT Nuggets – Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) [FCO] About This intermediate Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) training prepares DevOps professionals to minimize microservice vulnerabilities and set up and harden Kubernetes clusters. The world of IT has seen a big shift from using virtualized application deployment environments to containerized application deployment environments — and Kubernetes […]

[AmigosCode] Docker For DevOps Engineers

AmigosCode – Docker For DevOps Engineers [FCO] About Start your career and become a DevOps Engineer with Docker Detail Docker is tool to package and deploy software using containers. Unlike Virtual Machines, Docker is lightweight and does not require a lot of resources to run. Docker has become the tool that everyone is using to […]

[PacktPub] Kubernetes For Beginners [Video]

[PacktPub] Kubernetes For Beginners [Video] [FCO]   Video Details ISBN 9781804616475 Course Length 3 hours 1 minutes   About Kubernetes is now a de-facto standard for the deployment of the containerized applications into the production and it is the must-know tool for all DevOps engineers and software developers who want to learn how to run […]

[PacktPub] Linux for Cloud and DevOps Engineers [Video]

  [PacktPub] Linux for Cloud and DevOps Engineers [Video] [FCO]   Video Details ISBN 9781803237459 Course Length 4 hours 14 minutes   About As you all know, in the current IT market Linux has become a prerequisite to learning most of the trending technologies. The IT industry also uses Linux as its base operating system […]

[Pluralsight] Continuous Integration With Jenkins – Learning Paths

  Learning Paths   Description The courses in this path show you how to use Jenkins for all your continuous integration needs. Jenkins is an incredibly popular automation server that can help you build, test, and deploy your software. This path lays the foundations for you as you get started with building and deploying apps […]

[CBT Nuggets] Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Network Automation

  Description: In this 92-video, entry-level training, CBT Nuggets trainer John McGovern covers the knowledge DevOps professionals need to navigate, configure and optimize the open source IT automation engine from Red Hat so you can provision, deploy and orchestrate automatically. This intermediate Ansible Network Automation training covers the objectives in the EX457 exam, which is […]

[Pluralsight] Azure DevOps Services Fundamentals

  About Azure DevOps Services helps you to manage and streamline the development and delivery of complex software projects. This course will show you how to get started and covers the typical tasks that you’d use Azure DevOps for.   Description How do you manage and streamline the development and delivery of a complex software […]

[Pluralsight] Terraform – Getting Started

  About Terraform is an amazing tool for automating infrastructure in the public and private cloud. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Terraform to deploy infrastructure in a consistent, repeatable manner across multiple services.   Description Systems Administrators and DevOps Engineers have always been charged to do more with less. Defining infrastructure in […]

[PentesterAcademy] DevSecOps Beginner Edition Bootcamp [2021]

  On-Demand: DevSecOps: Beginner Edition Bootcamp   Description: Get a hands-on introduction to DevSecOps basics with a focus on implementing Devops and DevSecOps pipelines in on-premise, hybrid and on-public cloud models.   What You’ll Learn: This is a 4-session beginner bootcamp that will teach you the basics of DevSecOps. You will learn how to use […]

[Code With Mosh] The Ultimate Docker Course

  Everything you need to master Docker in one clear, concise, and practical course Description Go from Zero to Hero in 5 Hours Docker is a platform for building, running, and shipping applications with ease. That’s why most companies use it and are looking for software or DevOps engineers with Docker skills. If you want […]

[O’REILLY] AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

  by Noah Gift Released March 2020 Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional ISBN: 0136612911 Video description Nearly 4 Hours of Video Instruction Cloud adoption is greater than ever. However, there is a shortage of skilled practitioners who not only can use the cloud, but can optimize it. DevOps is a catchall word for a series of behaviors that […]

[CloudAcademy] Developing Long-Running Tasks on Azure

  Description This course will show practical applications of key Azure features to meet the programming and configuration challenges introduced by long-running tasks. We’ll start with Azure Batches and how you can use them to create large-scale, parallel, and high-performance apps in the Azure cloud. Then we’ll go over Azure Queues and how they can […]

[A Cloud Guru] Introduction to Azure DevOps (2020)

  Organize the way you plan, create and deliver software with Azure DevOps   ABOUT THE COURSE Hello Cloud Gurus! Ever since Microsoft introduced Azure DevOps, there have been a lot of people asking… What exactly is Azure DevOps? Azure DevOps is a fully integrated set of services that together provide you with all the […]

[A Cloud Guru] AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 2020

  Master your DevOps knowledge by training by becoming a certified AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional with our course.   ABOUT THE COURSE A note on this course Please note that as of the 17th February AWS has recently decommissioned it’s previous Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam and has officially released a new exam. […]

[CBT Nuggets] Ansible Essentials

September 2017 with Shawn Powers This video training course with CBT Nuggets trainer Shawn Powers walks you through the essentials of Ansible, the open source automation platform used to automate application deployment, cloud provisioning, configuration management, and several other IT tasks. Throughout this course, you will develop the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, and manage Ansible, while learning about […]