[Coursera] AWS Fundamentals Specialization

Coursera – AWS Fundamentals Specialization [FCO]



This specialization gives current or aspiring IT professionals an overview of the features, benefits, and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Advance your subject-matter expertise

– Learn in-demand skills from university and industry experts
– Master a subject or tool with hands-on projects
– Develop a deep understanding of key concepts
– Earn a career certificate from Amazon Web Services


Specialization – 3 course series

Applied Learning Project

This specialization gives current or aspiring IT professionals an overview of the features, benefits, and capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS). As you proceed through these four interconnected courses, you will gain a more vivid understanding of core AWS services, key AWS security concepts, strategies for migrating from on-premises to AWS, and basics of building serverless applications with AWS. Additionally, you will have opportunities to practice what you have learned by completing labs and exercises developed by AWS technical instructors.

1. AWS Cloud Technical Essentials
2. Migrating to the AWS Cloud
3. Architecting Solutions on AWS



Morgan Willis, is a Senior Cloud Technologist based in the US. Morgan has a background in Software Development, technical training, and has earned 6 AWS Certifications. Morgan has always had a strong passion for technology, has a degree in computer science and has held various jobs throughout her IT career. Outside of the tech world, Morgan is a runner, hiker, and skier and she spends as much time outdoors as possible.

Alex G., I am an IT professional with over 10 years of experience working in the industry. I’ve spent my career migrating companies of all sizes to the AWS cloud. I love seeing how the cloud can empower individuals to build new and exciting IT solutions that weren’t possible before. When I’m not teaching or using AWS I enjoy spending time outside or working on a new project around the house.

Seph, has been studying and working in the technical field for most of the last 20 years. From school districts, to data centers, and now with AWS (for most of the last decade) he has enjoyed seeing how technology has changed, and enjoys the continuous challenges of trying to keep up with those changes. Outside of the technical world, his favorite hobbies include traveling, playing Ultimate Disc, and various forms of DIY projects.

Rafael “Raf” Lopes, is a Brazilian Senior Cloud Technologist based out of New York, and has been determined to share as much knowledge as possible around the world to everyone with Internet access! Outside of AWS, you can find him taking street photographies around big cities, playing Pink Floyd solos on the guitar, cooking for his family, or enjoying videogames with his friends. He also loves to connect with customers and students on his Twitter at @DeployToProd.

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General Info:

Author(s): Morgan Willis, Alex G., Seph Robinson, Rafael Lopes
Language: English
Updated: 8/2023
Videos Duration: 51h
Course Source: https://www.coursera.org/specializations/aws-fundamentals


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