[Code With Mosh] Testing React Apps with React Testing Library

Code With Mosh – Testing React Apps with React Testing Library [FCO] About A comprehensive A-Z guide to testing React apps with React Testing Library and Vitest / Jest. What You’ll Learn • Master the fundamentals of testing React applications with React Testing Library. • Write maintainable, robust, and trustworthy tests that consistently deliver value. […]

[Coursera] DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization

Coursera – DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations Specialization [FCO] What you’ll learn • DevOps essential characteristics including culture, behavior, practices, tools, methodologies, technologies and metrics. • Core concepts of Cloud Computing, including its benefits, models, use cases,   platforms, services, resources and opportunities. • Agile practices of small batches, minimum viable products, pair programming, behavior- […]

[ArdanLabs] Ultimate Go: Classic

ArdanLabs – Ultimate Go: Classic [FCO] About There will be very little time spent on specific Go syntax. Our time will be spent learning how to read and comprehend Go code with a big focus on “if performance matters” then these things matter. Course Description The Ultimate Go Classic class has been designed over the […]

ChatGPT and LangChain: The Complete Developer’s Masterclass By Stephen Grider

ChatGPT and LangChain: The Complete Developer’s Masterclass By Stephen Grider You’ve found the most advanced, most complete, and most intensive masterclass online for learning how to integrate LangChain and ChatGPT into production-ready applications! Thousands of engineers have learned how to build amazing applications using ChatGPT, and you can too. This course uses a time-tested, battle-proven […]

Unreal Engine 5 Game Development With C++ Scripting [eBook]

Unreal Engine 5 Game Development with C++ Scripting: Become a professional game developer and create fully functional, high-quality games [eBook] [FCO] About Expand your UE5 game development skills by leveraging C++ scripting and improve your game development abilities by building a game from scratch Key Features: – Learn C++ programming as well as C++ scripting […]

[Pluralsight] Leadership And Communication Skills For Software Engineers

Pluralsight – Leadership and Communication Skills for Software Engineers [FCO] About Are you having challenges with achieving your career goals? This course will teach you the necessary leadership and communication skills and knowledge you need to flourish as a respected leader; and with the confidence necessary for your continued success. What you’ll learn Here is […]

[CBTNuggets] Building Web Servers With Express.js Tutorial

CBTNuggets – Building Web Servers With Express.js Tutorial [FCO] Express.js Tutorial Online Training This intermediate Building Web servers with Express.js tutorial prepares software engineers to create and customize a web server, the necessary tool for interfacing between your web application and its online users, with Express.js. In the world of web servers, you have plenty […]

[TalkPython] Getting started With Pytest

[TalkPython] Getting started With Pytest [FCO]   Course Summary This course teaches you to effectively use Python’s most popular and powerful test framework, pytest. pytest is partly so widely used because it’s so fast to get started. However, many people stop with the basics and never learn pytest’s true power. In Getting started with pytest, you’ll […]

[Code With Mosh] The Ultimate Design Patterns [Series]

Code With Mosh – The Ultimate Design Patterns [Series] [FCO] About Learn to design maintainable, extensible object-oriented software with confidence Become a Senior Developer If you want to reach the highest levels of software engineering, you simply MUST master design patterns. Most employers are looking for senior software engineers with design pattern skills, and they’re […]