[Coursera] Generative AI for Software Developers Specialization

Coursera – Generative AI for Software Developers Specialization [FCO] About Boost your software development career with Gen AI. Build in-demand hands-on Generative AI skills for your elevating your software engineering game in 1 month or less What you’ll learn • Identify real-world generative AI uses and describe popular generative AI models and tools for text, […]

[Coursera] Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Coursera – Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate [FCO] About Launch your career as a front-end developer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. No degree or prior experience required to get started. What you’ll learn • Create a responsive website using HTML to structure content, CSS to handle visual […]

[Coursera] C Programming With Linux Specialization

Coursera – C Programming with Linux Specialization [FCO] About Gain skills in computer engineering – C and Linux. Become a skilled C programmer and start a career in computer engineering. What you’ll learn – Develop and debug code in the C programming language – Discover the foundations of computer programming and Linux, the command line, […]

[LeetCode] System Design For Interviews And Beyond

LeetCode – System Design For Interviews And Beyond [FCO] About In this video-based course, we will take you on a journey to learn the fundamental concepts of system design. Mastering the key design concepts is the best way to learn system design. It’s also the most effective way to prepare for system design interviews. Every […]

[Code With Mosh] The Ultimate Design Patterns [Series]

Code With Mosh – The Ultimate Design Patterns [Series] [FCO] About Learn to design maintainable, extensible object-oriented software with confidence Become a Senior Developer If you want to reach the highest levels of software engineering, you simply MUST master design patterns. Most employers are looking for senior software engineers with design pattern skills, and they’re […]

[UDACITY] Java Developer Nanodegree v1.0.0

  NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd035 Become a Java Developer Learn enterprise scale back-end development with Java, and be prepared for the software engineering jobs that are in demand at a majority of Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and more. ESTIMATED TIME 4 Months At 5-10 hours/week ENROLL BY September 11, 2019 Get access to classroom […]

[Udacity] Self-Driving Car Engineer v1.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM – nd013 Self Driving Car Engineer Self-driving cars are set to revolutionize the way we live. This is transformational technology, on the cutting-edge of robotics, machine learning, software engineering, and mechanical engineering. CO – CREATED WITH SKILL COVERED Computer VisionDeep LearningSensor FusionLocalization + MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES Autonomous Vehicle EngineerSoftware Engineer, Planner & ControlsSystems […]