[Code With Mosh] Testing React Apps with React Testing Library

Code With Mosh – Testing React Apps with React Testing Library [FCO]



A comprehensive A-Z guide to testing React apps with React Testing Library and Vitest / Jest.


What You’ll Learn

• Master the fundamentals of testing React applications with React Testing Library.
• Write maintainable, robust, and trustworthy tests that consistently deliver value.
• Efficiently mock API responses with Mock Service Worker (MSW).
• Mock data using @mswjs/data and @faker-js.
• Simulate user events in a test environment.
• Dive into advanced testing techniques involving authentication, state management, routing, etc.
• Master refactoring techniques that pros use to make their code more readable and maintainable.
• Learn from real-world examples and exercises that prepare you for the job.
• Use ESLint to catch code quality issues early.


Who Is This For?

• Developers looking to level up their React skills.
• Software engineers aiming to improve code quality.
• React developers preparing for job interviews.
• Anyone looking to boost their career prospects by mastering React testing.



To fully benefit from this course, a solid foundation in React is essential. You should be well-versed in all the core concepts, including components, hooks, state management, routing, and more. Additionally, a basic understanding of unit testing plain JavaScript code (without UI frameworks) using tools like Jest or Vitest is necessary.



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