[Code With Mosh] React 18 For Beginners

Code With Mosh – React 18 for Beginners [From Zero To Hero] Part 1 [FCO]



A step-by-step guide to building web apps with React 18+ and TypeScript


Clear. Concise. Comprehensive.

Tired of piecing together disconnected tutorials or dealing with rambling, confusing instructors? This course is for you! It’s perfectly structured into a series of bite-sized, easy-to-follow videos that cover both theory and practice.


What You’ll Learn

– Confidently build front-end apps with React and TypeScript
– Build reusable function components
– Style your components using vanilla CSS, CSS modules, and CSS-in-JS
– Manage component state
– Build forms with React Hook Forms
– Implement form validation using Zod
– Connect your React apps to the backend
– Deploy your React apps
– Use VSCode shortcuts to increase your productivity
– Apply the latest techniques and best practices
– Troubleshoot errors with ease
– Write clean code like a pro


Who Is This For?

– Beginners who want to learn React from scratch and build real-world apps
– React developers who want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and take their skills to the next level
– Anyone who wants to become a confident and proficient React developer



You don’t need prior knowledge of React to take this course. However, you should have some basic knowledge of web development, including HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript.

Please note that we’ll be using TypeScript in this course, but don’t worry if you’ve never used TypeScript before – I’ll cover everything from scratch.


About the Instructor

HELLO, I’m Mosh Hamedani.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your coding journey? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Together, we’ll work to level up your skills, increase your earning potential, and build a brighter future.


Media Information

1920×1080 | Bitrate 1459kbps | MP4 | Audio 48.00khz Stereo | Birate 103kbps (Minimal)


General Info:

Author(s): Mosh Hamedani
Language: English
Released: 2023
Updated: 10/2023
Publisher(s): Codewithmosh
Exercises: Everything included
Videos Duration: 7h 56m 59s
Course Source: https://codewithmosh.com/p/ultimate-react-part1


Size: 1.62GB

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