[Net Ninja] TypeScript Masterclass

Net Ninja – TypeScript Masterclass [FCO] About This is a Net Ninja Pro Exclusive course. TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language built on top of JavaScript, with additional features added in – primarily the ability to add types to values It provides a lot of benefits that JavaScript alone does not, including good error […]

[WebDevSimplified] TypeScript Simplified

WebDevSimplified – TypeScript Simplified [FCO] About Instantly increase your earning potential and learn to build scalable projects in just 5 hours Everything you need to learn TypeScript and build any project you can dream of in 47 easy to digest videos which amount to just under 5 hours of video content. Every single video is […]

[Code With Mosh] Next.js Projects: Build an Issue Tracker

Code With Mosh – Next.js Projects: Build an Issue Tracker [FCO] About Learn to Build Full-stack Apps with Next.js, TypeScript, Prisma, Tailwind, and Radix UI What you’ll learn • Confidently build full-stack apps with Next.js 13+ and TypeScript • Master a methodical approach to build software • Build beautiful, modern UIs with Radix UI and […]

[Frontend Masters] Angular Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Angular Fundamentals [FCO] About Learn how to leverage the power of Angular to build powerful, real-world applications from the ground up. We’ll start with the Angular CLI to quickstart our app then build from there with components, templates, routing, forms, server-side communication, and much more. Some Key Takeaways! By participating along with […]

[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript

[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript [FCO]   Learn how to use TypeScript to level up your applications as a web developer with workshops and tutorials taught by TypeScript master Matt Pocock. Your time is precious.  You can use this time to create new features or fix bugs. You could be […]

[Code With Mosh] React 18 For Beginners

Code With Mosh – React 18 for Beginners [From Zero To Hero] Part 1 [FCO] About A step-by-step guide to building web apps with React 18+ and TypeScript Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. Tired of piecing together disconnected tutorials or dealing with rambling, confusing instructors? This course is for you! It’s perfectly structured into a series of […]

[Pluralsight] TypeScript 5 Fundamentals

Pluralsight – TypeScript 5 Fundamentals [FCO] About This course will teach you all the fundamental features of the TypeScript programming language. You’ll learn how to use important language constructs and syntax, as well as how to use different compiler options and project configuration settings. What you’ll learn TypeScript helps you create web applications that are […]

[FireShip] React Supabase Full Course

FireShip – React Supabase Full Course [FCO] About Build and deploy a full-stack, production-ready web app with Supabase, React, and Postgres. In-Detail The Supabase Course is a project-based course that builds a Reddit-inspired web app from scratch with Supabase, PostgreSQL, and React. What will I learn? The goal of this course is to provide you […]

[FullStack] Build A Complete Company Design System

FullStack – Build a Complete Company Design System [FCO] About This course is a comprehensive guide to publishing your first component library and design assets using React, TypeScript, Storybook, Tailwind CSS, and Styled Dictionary. You’ll create a flexible, enterprise-grade design system library that your co-workers will actually enjoy. What You Will Learn – How a […]

Code With Mosh – Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers

Code With Mosh – Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers [FCO] About Learn the Angular essentials, from setup to deployment, in 2 days. The fastest way to get started with Angular! What is Angular? Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building client apps with HTML, CSS and TypeScript. And why does […]

[Ultimate Courses] JavaScript HTML5 APIs

  Description: Explore the power of the browser. You’ll learn all the major APIs that were introduced in the HTML5 specification and beyond, to give you the full knowledge you need to build any application you can dream of.   Everything you need to start mastering JavaScript today: • Job-ready training Nail that interview with […]

[TypeScript Pro] Take Your TypeScript Expertise To The Next Level

  Description: It’s time to take your TypeScript expertise to the next level with these FREE and Premium courses. From Fundamentals to Pro! Table of Content: – Exhaustivity checks on enums Compiler Configuration In Depth – The anatomy of the tsconfig.json – Excluding files from our compilation – Including files in our compilation – Fine-tuning […]

[Lynda] TypeScript Essential Training

Author Jess Chadwick Released 5/2/2016 TypeScript lets you write JavaScript “the way you really want to.” TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript, so it works in any browser, any host, and any OS. It adds a variety of helpful syntax and tools onto an already mature language, bringing the power and productivity of static typing and […]