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It’s time to take your TypeScript expertise to the next level with these FREE and Premium courses. From Fundamentals to Pro!

Table of Content:

– Exhaustivity checks on enums

Compiler Configuration In Depth
– The anatomy of the tsconfig.json
– Excluding files from our compilation
– Including files in our compilation
– Fine-tuning which files gets included
– Controlling when to output JavaScript
– Emitting declaration files
– Emitting source-maps
– Increasing the default type safety of the compiler
– Decreasing the default type safety of the compiler
– Allowing unreachable code and unused labels
– Using the compiler to enforce high quality source code
– Module scoping and the module option
– Module vs target and resolution strategy
– Configuring compiler CLI output
– TypeScript’s relationship with strict mode
– Advanced tweaks to emitted output
– Fine-tuning type aquisition
– Configuring TypeScript helper inclusion
– Advanced output controls
– React and JSX options (.tsx files)

Advanced Type Constructs
– Typed `this`
– Type Guards
– Type Assertions
– Non-null Assertion Operator
– Intersection Types
– keyof and Lookup Types
– Mapped Types
– All about objects

Declaration Merging
– Merging interfaces
– Module augmentation

– Declaring enums
– Const and ambient enums
– Exhaustivity checks on enums

TypeScript Library Project
– Project initialization
– TypeScript configuration
– Tests setup
– Prettier TypeScript
– Multi-platform build
– Publishing our project
– Adding the first feature
– Ensuring code coverage
– Fine tuning our types and tests
– Project review and future

About Instructor:

James Henry. James loves empowering other developers to do their best work. He does this through building tools (he is a member of the ESLint, Babel and Prettier teams and a TypeScript evangelist) and through speaking and training across Europe.


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Course: https://typescriptcourses.com/typescript-pro

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