[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript

[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript [FCO]


Learn how to use TypeScript to level up your applications as a web developer with workshops and tutorials taught by TypeScript master Matt Pocock.


Your time is precious. 

You can use this time to create new features or fix bugs. You could be useful. Instead, you’re fighting TypeScript.

TypeScript is the industry standard these days. If you’re running an enterprise application today, you’ll need a good reason NOT to use TypeScript.

So you keep pushing yourself – all the while feeling like you’re working against TypeScript rather than with it.

The truth is that you have never really learned TypeScript, at least not in depth. This is the source of your pain.

You haven’t developed a systematic approach to solving type errors.

You haven’t developed a mental model for knowing when to use it.

You never understood the power of generics.

In the end…


You’ve never learned the fundamental principles and patterns of being an effective TypeScript developer.

An exercise-based approach to learning TypeScript

Total TypeScript’s approach is different from what you’ll find in other online courses.

Instead of sitting through hours of lectures, you will be presented with problematic code and a short explanation of what needs to be done.

Then, using your existing skills and helpful links to relevant documents and other resources, you’ll have as much time as you need to complete the task, either in your local editor or using the editor built into each lesson.

When you’re ready, you can watch how a true TypeScript master approaches this task.


Make TypeScript work for you, not against you

What sets TypeScript masters apart from the rest?



To them, TypeScript doesn’t seem like magic. It seems simple, predictable and malleable.

They can change it at will and use its power.

Total TypeScript Core Volume is about building this understanding at a deep level.

When you finish the exercises, you will reach a level of mastery where little surprises you anymore.

You’ll have less fear of nasty TypeScript errors, more confidence when typing dynamic signatures, speed up by cutting lines of code, and much more.


You deserve so much better

You deserve a hands-on, systematic approach to learning TypeScript in depth.

Total TypeScript shows you the methods used by the most complex OSS libraries.

Become a TypeScript master in your company.


Who is Total TypeScript for?

Total TypeScript Core Volume is suitable for any developer ready to work towards becoming a master, although some basic familiarity with TypeScript is recommended.

The Type Conversion Workshop begins by warming you up with exercises in basic inference and basic types.

Then, nearly 150 exercises later, in the Advanced TypeScript Patterns workshop, you’ll create chained method abstractions using generics and the builder pattern.

Check out the free beginner’s tutorial to lay the groundwork and get an idea of ​​the workshop approach.

Total TypeScript Core Volume contains three professional workshops to help you achieve TypeScript mastery:

  • Type Transformations (7 sections, 50+ exercises)
  • TypeScript Generics (6 sections, more than 40 exercises)
  • Advanced TypeScript Patterns (7 sections, more than 40 exercises)

Each workshop contains dozens of exercises designed to test your problem-solving skills.


Professional Workshops on TypeScript

Type Conversions

The Type Conversion Workshop is your guide to TypeScript functions and patterns that let you manipulate types to get exactly what you want. As you begin to understand how these parts fit together, you’ll find yourself writing less code that’s easier to maintain.

There are over 50 exercises in this workshop, each designed to help you harness the power of converting strings to objects, objects to unions, and everything in between.


TypeScript Generics

The Generics workshop is your guide to mastering one of TypeScript’s most challenging features.

Through dozens of exercises, you’ll master generics, from the lowest level to examples of their use in your favorite TS libraries.


Advanced TypeScript Templates

The Advanced Patterns workshop is a tutorial on several patterns emerging from TypeScript primitives. We will build on the work done so far on generics and type conversions, extracting methods for their architecture into new solutions.

Most of these patterns are not documented by TypeScript – they have been discovered and iterated by the TypeScript community. Each section focuses on a different pattern through interactive exercises. This master class is not suitable for beginners.

Friendly Websites

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