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Google Kubernetes Online Training

This intermediate Google Kubernetes training prepares learners to manage every part of Kubernetes clusters in the Google cloud – from deploying them, to paying for them and advanced configurations.

Kubernetes is familiar to many DevOps professionals – most people understand that they should know how to deploy clusters and containerize their apps. But few DevOps professionals realize how much more powerful Kubernetes is when deployed properly inside the Google Cloud ecosystem. This Google Kubernetes training will show you how to plan, deploy, manage and configure your containers in the Google cloud to speed up your app development and streamline operations.

For anyone who leads an IT team, this Google training can be used to onboard new DevOps professionals, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a Google reference resource.

Google Kubernetes: What You Need to Know

This Google Kubernetes training has videos that cover topics including:

  • Deploying Kubernetes clusters
  • Logging and monitoring GKE clusters
  • Managing Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Storing data with volumes and claims

Who Should Take Google Kubernetes Training?

This Google Kubernetes training is considered professional-level Google training, which means it was designed for DevOps professionals. This DevOps skills course is designed for DevOps professionals with three to five years of experience with Google Cloud best practices.

New or aspiring DevOps professionals. The entire world of DevOps relies on DevOps professionals learning as many new and interesting tricks and tools as possible. DevOps is all about flexibility and ingenuity – so a course like this that combines the scope of the Google Cloud with the power of Kubernetes – is perfect for a DevOps professional just starting their career.

Experienced DevOps professionals. If you’ve been working in DevOps for a while already and you haven’t worked with Kubernetes or Google Kubernetes Engine, you should take this training and see if it’s the right container solution for you and your projects. Deploying, scaling and managing Kubernetes in Google Cloud has advantages and drawbacks, which only experienced DevOps professionals will really understand when they compare it to their existing solutions.


About Instructor

Ben Finkel

Nugget trainer since 2014

Ben Finkel has worked in software development since 1996. Before joining CBT Nuggets, he was a software engineer at M&T Bank in Buffalo, New York. He is a Google Certified Trainer. When he’s not creating CBT Nuggets training videos, Ben enjoys skiing, snowboarding, reading, and home brewing beer and cider. He also considers himself a hobbyist programmer and likes learning new development technologies.


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