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Learning Paths



The courses in this path show you how to use Jenkins for all your continuous integration needs. Jenkins is an incredibly popular automation server that can help you build, test, and deploy your software. This path lays the foundations for you as you get started with building and deploying apps using Jenkins. You’ll then learn about Jenkins Plugins, Declarative Jenkins Pipelines, automating Jenkins with Groovy, and more. By the end of this path, you’ll have all you need to get up and running Jenkins as part of your CI/CD pipeline.


What you will learn

• Using Jenkins to build and deploy apps
• Using and managing Plugins
• Using declarative Jenkins pipelines
• Building a multi-node Jenkins build farm
• Running a zero-agent Jenkins build farm with Docker
• Automating Jenkins with Groovy
• Building a full CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes
• Using Jenkins X for Cloud-native CI/CD



You should be familiar with technology principles and DevOps fundamentals. It’s an added bonus if you’re familiar with build tools.


Related Keywords

• Continuous Integration
• Ansible
• Puppet
• Configuration Management
• Software Development
• IT Infrastructure
• DevOps


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