[CloudAcademy] Developing Long-Running Tasks on Azure



This course will show practical applications of key Azure features to meet the programming and configuration challenges introduced by long-running tasks.

We’ll start with Azure Batches and how you can use them to create large-scale, parallel, and high-performance apps in the Azure cloud. Then we’ll go over Azure Queues and how they can add resiliency to your web applications. Next, you’ll look at Webhooks and how they can address events in your cloud apps. Finally, we’ll show you WebJobs and how they can deal with continuous processing tasks.

By the end of this course, you should be able to understand and apply these four Azure features to solve some of the challenges you face with long-running tasks, especially in high-performance computing applications.


Learning Objectives

• Create large-scale, parallel, and high-performance apps by using Azure Batches
• Build resilient apps by using Azure Queues
• Implement code to address application events by using Azure Webhooks
• Address continuous processing tasks by using Azure WebJobs


Intended Audience

• People pursuing the Microsoft AZ-203 certification
• IT professionals, web developers, DevOps administrators



• Basic understanding of cloud concepts
• Familiarity with web programming
• Exposure to Azure configuration (Portal, CLI, or PowerShell)


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When you are building applications, long-running tasks could take the form of scripts running in the background of a website, to a complex calculation running in a high performance computing scenario. These tasks could take a few seconds to many hours. In the world of cloud computing, where processing is measured in millions of instructions per second, a few seconds of compute time could be very costly when multiplied across many web sessions or VM instances. This can also represent an opportunity for cost savings and efficiency if you can build your large scale applications to take advantage of the DNA in the underlying Azure cloud infrastructure.

In this video, we will be covering four key features of Azure that you can use to deal with long-running tasks on Azure. These features are Azure Batch, Azure Queues, Webhooks, and WebJobs. You may have come across these concepts in other content here at Cloud Academy, but we will assume that you are going from the ground up.


Covered Topics

• Object Storage
• Big Data
• Development
• Storage
• Compute
• Databases
• Microsoft Azure
• Development for Azure
• Databases for Azure
• Compute for Azure
• Storage for Azure
• Azure Batch
• Azure WebJobs
• Azure Queue Storage


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