[Brad Traversy] Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0

Brad Traversy – Modern JavaScript From The Beginning 2.0 [FCO]


Learn Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

A 37-hour master course to take you from beginner to advanced


This is a 37-hour in-depth course that will take you from the very beginning of JavaScript, learning about data types, functions, and loops, to learning about DOM manipulation, asynchronous JS with promises, async/await, and more. You will even learn how to write unit tests for algorithms. We’ll take a look at how JavaScript works internally, including the execution context, call stack, event loop, and more. We’ll learn about Webpack tools and how to create a modern development environment. At the end, we create the Node.js/Express API.


What will you learn

  • All the basics, including variables, data types, functions, scope, etc.
  • DOM manipulation, events, and creating dynamic user interfaces
  • Topics under the hood like execution context and call stack
  • Asynchronous JS including callbacks, promises, async/await
  • Web APIs such as geolocation, audio/video, canvas, and speech
  • OOP including classes and prototypes
  • Modern Environments with Webpack Tools
  • Bonus: Complete a fully functional application with Node.js/Express and Webpack.


Source: https://www.traversymedia.com/modern-javascript-2-0


Size: 5.33GB

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