[CBTNuggets] Building Web Servers With Express.js Tutorial

CBTNuggets – Building Web Servers With Express.js Tutorial [FCO]


Express.js Tutorial Online Training

This intermediate Building Web servers with Express.js tutorial prepares software engineers to create and customize a web server, the necessary tool for interfacing between your web application and its online users, with Express.js.

In the world of web servers, you have plenty of choice, and if you learn the right tools, you’ll never have to build them from scratch. Frameworks do a lot of the hard work and heavy lifting for you, so building web servers comes down to choosing the right framework and learning how to use it.

This course covers using Express.js to build your web servers for you. Express.js has a minimalistic design, middleware support, and a large ecosystem, which makes it perfect for software engineers with big ideas and a creative approach.

After finishing the videos in this Building Web Servers with Express.js Tutorial training, you’ll know how to create and customize a web server, the necessary tool for interfacing between your web application and its online users, with Express.js.

For supervisors, this JavaScript training can be used to onboard new software engineers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a JavaScript reference resource.


Express.js Tutorial: What You Need to Know

This Express.js training has videos that cover Node.js web application framework topics including:

– Defining routes for your web server
– Implementing logic that handles incoming requests
– Rendering a response in HTML, JSON, and more
– Maintaining application operations with a web server


Who Should Take Express.js Training?

This Express.js training is considered associate-level JavaScript training, which means it was designed for software engineers. This express.js skills course is designed for software engineers with three to five years of experience with Node.js web application framework.

New or aspiring software engineers. Express.js is a particularly good tool for new software engineers to learn to use for two reasons. First, building web servers is complex and challenging. Second, because Express.js is lightweight and un-opinionated, you won’t be bogged down with preconceived ideas or pre-made choices about your designs and implementation.

Experienced software engineers. Not every software engineer needs to know how to build a web server. If you’ve been working in the industry for a few years, you probably know that. This course will teach you to use Express.js to build your web servers — Express takes a ton of the tedium out of the job and leaves you more time to make the clever and creative choices that define your role as a software engineer.



Shaun Wassell – Nugget trainer since 2021

“I love seeing people go from earning peanuts to being able to comfortably take their families on multiple vacations — just because they were willing to learn something ‘nerdy!'”

Shaun brings nearly 10 years of software development experience to his training. Prior to joining CBT Nuggets, he was a senior full-stack developer. His interest in technology started as a child because he wanted to create video games and his parents bought him GameMakerStudio. When Shaun isn’t creating training, he enjoys gardening, distance running, investing, and learning foreign languages.


General Info:

Author(s): Shaun Wassell
Language: English
Updated: 2023
Videos Duration: 9h
Course Source: https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training/javascript/building-webservers-express-js-tutorial


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