[LeetCode] System Design For Interviews And Beyond

LeetCode – System Design For Interviews And Beyond [FCO]



In this video-based course, we will take you on a journey to learn the fundamental concepts of system design. Mastering the key design concepts is the best way to learn system design. It’s also the most effective way to prepare for system design interviews.
Every system is unique, and the larger and more complex the system, the further it is from conventional design approaches. However, in a system design interview, you are not expected to know all the unique details of a system. Rather, you are expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of widely used system design concepts and best practices. Thus, our focus on this course is to reinforce your understanding of frequently used system design concepts and to demonstrate how to apply them to solve problems.
In addition to the knowledge and understanding of system design concepts, this course will teach you the thought process behind system design. We will discuss the questions you should ask yourself when designing a system and how to evaluate available options. This part is why the course stands out from other system design courses. Knowing the thought process is essential to your success in system design interviews and will help you succeed in your engineering career.
By the end of the cource, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of system design concepts, tools, and thought processes. You will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in system design interviews.


What does this course provide?

– 70+ lessons covering popular and important system design concepts.
– 8+ hours of curated and engaging video content.
– Real interview design problems with step-by-step walkthroughs.
– Detailed explanations to help you start speaking and thinking in the language of system design.
– Ready-to-use blueprints for how to approach system design problems in interviews and in real life.

In this course, we design a messaging system to demonstrate the concepts. Starting with the fundamentals, we will gradually evolve the system throughout the course, introduce and explore different design concepts that address the defined problems, deep dive into the details of every concept and discuss trade-offs. Then continue the process over and over again. By following the process, you will understand the concepts and learn how they apply concepts to real cases.

The messaging system is a perfect example to learn the system design concepts. Messaging systems are used as building blocks for many distributed systems these days. Various smaller components of a distributed system communicate with each other using a messaging system. Systems themselves talk to each other using messaging systems. Which makes messaging systems play a critical role in system design. You’ll learn how to build a reliable, scalable, secure, fast, easy-to-maintain, and low-dollar-cost system in the course. Then apply knowledge to building other distributed systems.

You will not be limited to the design principles used just in messaging systems. When looking at a specific design concept, we will go beyond how messaging systems use it. So that you can see relevant examples of how this and similar concepts are used in other systems.


Who is this course for?

The course is particularly useful for engineers targeting middle and senior-level positions. It is designed to benefit professionals involved in system design, including software engineers, site reliability engineers, software engineering managers, and product managers. Whether you’re directly involved in the system design process or actively participate in design reviews, this course will equip you with valuable knowledge and skills that help you be well-prepared for system design questions during onsite interviews.



Mikhail Smarshchok

Hi! This is Mikhail Smarshchok from the System Design Interview YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/SystemDesignInterview). I am a software engineer with a passion for learning, teaching and mentoring. Having over 15 years of industry experience, last 9 years I worked on building scalable, highly available and low latency distributed systems. For a long time, I have wondered what is the best way to learn system design. While there are many excellent resources for learning individual concepts, few provide a holistic view of how to design systems. And even after you’ve invested a lot of time and gained a lot of knowledge, it’s still hard to develop true system design thinking. Thinking that helps answer questions like: where to start my design; where to go next; how to break this big obscure problem into sub-problems that I know how to solve; and even if I don’t know the answer, can I make an educated guess? So I challenged myself to create a course that can help build and improve system design thinking. And two years later, you can see the result of this work. Feel free to connect/follow me on LinkedIn where I try to post more of my thoughts and learning material regularly: www.linkedin.com/in/mikhail-smarshchok


General Info:

Author(s): Mikhail Smarshchok
Language: English
Updated: 6/2023
Videos Duration: 8h
Course Source: https://systemdesignthinking.thinkific.com/courses/system-design-for-interviews-and-beyond


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