[Coursera] .NET FullStack Developer Specialization

Coursera – .NET FullStack Developer Specialization [FCO] About Build Fullstack webapp with .NET technologies. Master the intricacies of .NET core, React’s frontend capabilities, and ASP.NET backend development to design and deploy dynamic, scalable web applications. What you’ll learn • Master .NET full stack web dev: from .NET core basics to advanced web application creation using […]

[Dometrain] From Zero to Hero: Unit testing in C#

Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Unit testing in C# [FCO] Mastering the bedrock of testing There is a reason why Unit Testing is the bottom layer in the testing pyramid. You can only build a solid testing suite on a robust foundation. Nothing is more reassuring when working on a codebase than knowing that […]

[Dometrain] From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C#

Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C# [FCO] About Master the craft of Test-Driven Development from the basics to the most advanced concepts Test-Driven Development (or TDD for short) is one of the most essential software development practices. It is a practice based on the simple idea that instead of writing our […]

[Dometrain] Getting Started: Clean Architecture in .NET

Dometrain – Getting Started: Clean Architecture in .NET [FCO] About Clean Architecture is one of the most popular software architecture and solution organization approaches out there, and that’s for a good reason. It provides a clear path to a robust solution structure with clear guidelines and rules that help you fall into the pit of […]

[IAmTimCorey] Blazor From Start to Finish

IAmTimCorey – Blazor From Start to Finish [FCO] C# Mastercourse Learn the one web framework that will work in any scenario Blazor From Start to Finish Blazor is a game changer for developers. But figuring out how to access the full power of Blazor can leave you frustrated. Can it really replace Javascript completely? What […]

[IAmTimCorey] C# Mastercourse

IAmTimCorey – C# Mastercourse [FCO] C# Mastercourse C# is the coding language used to build applications across the web, mobile, desktop, and games. The world runs on applications. When you learn C#, you learn a skill the world needs right now. If you know C#, the career options are limitless. Tim Corey’s C# Mastercourse is […]

C# Fundamentals For Game Development [FCO]

C# Fundamentals For Game Development [FCO]   Complete Game Development Series 01 – Start Your Game Dev Jurney with C# Description This course is the first installment of the Complete Game Development Series and is dedicated to helping beginners get up to speed with coding and game development. The course covers all fundamentals of C#, […]

C# 12 And .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals – Eighth Edition [eBook]

C# 12 and .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals – Eighth Edition [eBook] [FCO] Full Name: C# 12 and .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals: Start building websites and services with ASP.NET Core 8, Blazor, and EF Core 8 About An accessible guide for beginner-to-intermediate programmers to the concepts, real-world applications, and latest […]

[ZeroToMastery] Unity Bootcamp: 3D Game Development

ZeroToMastery – Unity Bootcamp: 3D Game Development [FCO]   Learn Unity. Get Hired. This is the only Unity course you need to go from complete beginner (no coding experience) to coding your own 3D games and getting hired as a Game Developer this year!   Course overview We guarantee you that this is the most […]

[Code With Mosh] Clean Coding And Refactoring

Code With Mosh – Clean Coding And Refactoring [FCO] About Learn the secrets the experts use to write and maintain perfect code In-Detail “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler Getting to the top in coding means writing clean, easy-to-understand code. […]

[Code With Mosh] Entity Framework 6 In Depth

Code With Mosh – Entity Framework 6 in Depth [FCO] About Connect your applications to a SQL Server database In-Detail Entity Framework is an Object / Relational Mapper (O/RM) that helps you read and write data from and to a database. In this course, Mosh, teaches you the core concepts of Entity Framework through a […]

[Code With Mosh] The Ultimate C# Mastery Series

Code With Mosh – The Ultimate C# Mastery Series [FCO] About From C# zero to hero – Master one of the world’s most versatile programming languages Master C# Coding to Create Awesome Games, Websites & Apps C# is one of the most versatile programming languages in the world. It’s used to build websites, apps and […]

[Code With Mosh] Ultimate C++ Series

Code With Mosh – Ultimate C++ Series [FCO] About Master C++: Go from Novice to Professional Learn to write C++ code with confidence C++ is the language of choice for video games, embdded systems, IoT devices, high-performance apps, operating systems, database management systems, compilers, and so on. It’s also the father of many languages like […]

[O’REILLY] Humane Code Video Series

  Overview 1. Humane Code: Why are most code bases bad? Why is it that, despite our best intentions, code rots between our fingers? The answer is that most of us still think of code as merely a technical tool to reach a goal: to implement a feature, or fix a bug. While code certainly […]

[O’REILLY] Open Source Software Superstream Series: C++

  Description Known for its speed and multithreading support—and its more than four decades of powerful application development—C++ remains one of the most popular languages for a wide range of applications from banking and trading to advanced software development. And the language continues to evolve. Join us for four hours of expert-led sessions on the […]

[MANNING] Object Design Style Guide [Videos + eBook]

  Video Description Objects are the central concept of languages like Java, Python, C#. Applying best practices for object design means that your code will be easy to read, write, and maintain. Object Design Style Guide captures dozens of techniques for creating pro-quality OO code that can stand the test of time. Examples are in […]