[Dometrain] From Zero to Hero: Unit testing in C#

Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Unit testing in C# [FCO]


Mastering the bedrock of testing

There is a reason why Unit Testing is the bottom layer in the testing pyramid. You can only build a solid testing suite on a robust foundation. Nothing is more reassuring when working on a codebase than knowing that if you accidentally break something, a test will alert you, saving you hundreds to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential customer impact. In this course, Nick will teach you how to write modern unit tests for your code bases so you are always confident in change. Oh, and if you don’t know what the testing pyramid is, don’t worry. You will after you take this course.



Nick Chapsas is a .NET & C# content creator, educator and a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies with years of experience in Software Engineering and Engineering Management.

He has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, building systems that served millions of users and tens of thousands of requests per second.

Nick creates free content on YouTube and is the host of the Keep Coding Podcast.


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