C# Fundamentals For Game Development [FCO]

C# Fundamentals For Game Development [FCO]


Complete Game Development Series 01 – Start Your Game Dev Jurney with C#
This course is the first installment of the Complete Game Development Series and is dedicated to helping beginners get up to speed with coding and game development. The course covers all fundamentals of C#, the essentials of programming, good coding practices, and many advanced language features.Basic programming concepts like variables, Operators, Containers, Flow Control, Inputs, and Functional Programming are thoroughly explained and practiced. Object-Oriented Programming concepts like Classes, Constructors, Destructors, Protection Levels, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and struct are demonstrated in depth. Advanced topics like Interfaces, Delegates, Generics, Enumerable, and Data Structures are also covered to ensure the student has deep knowledge of the inner working of the facilities of C# and are equipped to start jumping into game development with confidence.The course includes various challenges and text-based game projects to explain general programming patterns. Projects are often created first and refactored when new concepts are introduced, helping students see the application and significance of every language feature, and are encouraged to apply these concepts further. Good programming practices are also constantly being introduced and applied to consolidate the student’s coding skills.After taking the course, students walk away with a deep understanding of C# and programming, and solid coding skills.
What you’ll learn
– C# Programming Language.
– Fundamentals of Programming.
– Grasp important programming concepts like Functional Programming & OOP
– Ready to Jump to Game Development with Unity.
– Able to Apply Effective Programming Patterns.
– Create General Purpose Applications.
– No programming experience needed, everything will be taught from the beginning.

Who this course is for

  • Beginner who want to jump into game development but have no experience in programming.
  • Beginner who wants to start learning programming in general.
  • Programmers from other languages who need a crash course of C#.
  • Unity Developers who what to consolidate their C# knowledge.


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