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Learn the one web framework that will work in any scenario


Blazor From Start to Finish

Blazor is a game changer for developers. But figuring out how to access the full power of Blazor can leave you frustrated.

Can it really replace Javascript completely? What is the difference between Blazor Server and Blazor Client Side? Where can I find deep content instead of beginner tutorials? How do I get the real benefit of Blazor in the real world?

Blazor From Start to Finish is a robust course designed to give you a deep understanding of how Blazor works and how you can make it work for you.

With Blazor you can learn the one web framework that will work in any scenario, with the best of server-side and client-side web development using the power of C#.


What You Will Learn

Learn all this and more

• Blazor Server
• Blazor Auto
• Blazor Components
• Blazor Class Libraries
• Blazor SSR
• Blazor WebAssembly
• Stream Rendering
• JavaScript Integration


What You Will Be Able To Do

By the end of this course you will be able to

• Build a mixed Blazor project
• Understand and modify the entire Blazor project
• Integrate dependency injection in Auto projects
• Utilize Authentication and Authorization



Tim Corey, I learned software development the hard way, with lots of dead-ends, confusion, and knowledge gaps. I kept thinking, “It shouldn’t be this hard!”

Now I teach students how to think and code like professional developers. My goal is to make it easier for you to become a developer.


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