[SkillShare] 2021 Kotlin Crash Course for Beginners



This is a crash course about Kotlin programming language. Since 2016 Kotlin is the preferred language for Android mobile app development, which means that this relatively new language is becoming more and more popular. Kotlin is similar to Java, but at the same time, it’s more concise and fixes what’s known as Javas Billion Dollar Mistake, if You are interested join in!

In this crash course we will check out:

• variables;
• arrays;
• for/while loops;
• if statements;
• data classes;
• functions;
• propper code commenting;
• nullability handling;
• code debugging with the help of IDE

And at the end of it, together We will create a trivial CLI app from scratch.


• Download IntelliJ CE (free)
• Download JDK
• Install instruction for JDK (macOS)
• Install instruction for JDK (Linux)
• Install instruction for JDK (Windows)

Projects & Resources

Your final assignment is to create a simple CLI app, just like we did in the last lesson. This app can do whatever You like, but You have to meet the minimum requirements:

Minimal requirements:

• Your app asks the user for input and saves it;
• Your app executes calculations and outputs result to the user;
• Your code consists of at least one class (can be data class);
• Your code consists of at least one function;
• Your code is commented based on best principles;
• You are formatting Your code using Kotlin Style Guide.
• When You think the job done, make a .zip archive of Your source folder and upload it here, If You want to receive feedback from me add a comment!


Covered Topics

• Technology
• Programming
• Mobile Development
• Android
• Programming Foundations
• Kotlin


About Author

Kristaps Cerminieks

QA Engineer with experience working on different scale international projects. Experience in manual testing, team leading, and automated testing for various client apps. Preferred OOP language – Kotlin. Preferred automation framework – Espresso.



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