[SkillShare] Build a Complete Recreational Parks Apps with Modern Android & Java



Android App Development will open many doors for you since Android is the most popular operating system in the World.

This is a hands-on class, which means you will be actually building a full-fledged Android app from scratch!

The class is structured in such a way to improve your knowledge retention – by having a lot of hands-on projects. In each section of the course, you will be practicing and building something meaningful, which will further your understanding of Android App Development.

In this class, you will be:

• Building a National Parks app from scratch
• Learning how to structure a slightly complex app from beginning to end
• Learn how to Use Android Networking Libraries such as Picasso and Volley and make HTTP requests to a remote API
• Design many different screens for the app
• Use Google Maps in your Android Project and Show Markers on Map
• Use the ViewModel Class to Persist Data the recommended way in Android
• Use Fragments along with Android Activities

By the end of this class, you will fully understand how to use Maps and how to make RESTful calls to remote APIs and build a complex Android Mobile App.


Hands-on Class Project

Capstone Project

You will create, incrementally, a full-blown National Parks app where users will be able to search for parks by state and then get all available parks on a map. Once the markers on the map (each marker represents a state) are tapped, the users will learn more about that park, including seeing pictures of the park, hours, and so forth.


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Here’s a project I would like you to take on as you learn Android Development in this course:

1. Once you have reached a good spot in the lectures you have been watching and following along, think of an app you want to build.

2. Sketch out that app idea on paper – really, jot down your app on paper!

3. Mockup all the screens your app will need

4. Once you have the screens mocked up, create a new project in Android Studio

5. Start putting together the basics of the app: the screens, and basic functionalities

6. Test to see if the first iteration/version of the app has the flow you like

7. Continue working on the final functionalities of the app

8. Once the app is functioning correctly, move to “beautifying the app”

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P.S – I’ve attached the source code/projects of all the big projects we go through in this course as a reference if you need it as you work on this final project 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions!


Covered Topics

• Technology
• Mobile Development
• Java
• Android
• App Design
• Google Maps


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