[Coursera] Python Development with ChatGPT: Fullstack App Development

Coursera – Python Development with ChatGPT: Fullstack App Development [FCO]


What you’ll learn

• Implement automated content generation through the OpenAI API based on external data sources

• Create visually appealing and intuitive UIs in Python with minimal prompting of ChatGPT

• Optimize data processing and deploy web app through ChatGPT-assisted iteration


About this Guided Project

Imagine unlocking the capabilities of ChatGPT AI in full-stack development—an idea turned into reality, now at your fingertips!

Designed for web developers and Python enthusiasts, this Guided Project empowers you to seamlessly integrate Chat GPT AI into the creation of innovative full-stack applications. Through practical tasks, you’ll master the development of a full-stack news aggregator, automate content generation with Chat GPT, and enhance backend processes using Python programming. Navigate the challenges of real-world application integration to craft a state-of-the-art news platform.

This intermediate to advanced project is perfect for those well-versed in Python code reading, library utilization, and eager to embrace the future of web development entwined with AI. The project’s uniqueness lies in its fusion of traditional Python development with cutting-edge AI, particularly Chat GPT. To succeed in this project, a robust understanding of Python and familiarity with mainstream libraries are prerequisites. Join us on this journey to redefine web development through the lens of advanced AI integration.

Prerequisites: Learners should have Python reading proficiency, which includes:
Ability to read Python code, debug Python scripts, and utilize common Python data structures (lists, dictionaries, tuples).

Learners should have experience with Python control structures (loops, conditionals) and an understanding of Python functions and modules.

Learners should also have API integration experience, which includes:
Proficiency in using RESTful APIs with Python. Experience with Python libraries like Requests for API interactions. Ability to parse and handle JSON or XML data returned from APIs.


Learn step-by-step

In a video that plays in a split-screen with your work area, your instructor will walk you through these steps:

• Use ChatGPT to Create Content

• Utilize ChatGPT to Fetch News

• Style the User Interface with ChatGPT

• Optimize the App Using ChatGPT

• Deploy App with NGROK and ChatGPT


Recommended experience

Learners should have Python Reading Proficiency which includes ability to read Python code, debug Python scripts, and Python data structures.



Shreyansh Dubey

Offered By Coursera Project Network


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