[Coursera] Generative AI for Data Scientists Specialization

Coursera – Generative AI for Data Scientists Specialization [FCO] About Leap ahead in data science using generative AI . Build in-demand hands-on generative AI skills to supercharge your data science career in under 1 month What you’ll learn • Apply skills to recognize real-world generative AI uses and identify popular generative AI models and tools […]

[Coursera] Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization

Coursera – Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization [FCO] About Unlock and leverage the potential of generative AI. Learn how you can use the capabilities of generative AI to enhance your work and daily life. What you’ll learn • Explain the fundamental concepts, capabilities, models, tools, applications, and platforms of generative AI foundation models. • Apply powerful […]

[Coursera] Generative AI for Software Developers Specialization

Coursera – Generative AI for Software Developers Specialization [FCO] About Boost your software development career with Gen AI. Build in-demand hands-on Generative AI skills for your elevating your software engineering game in 1 month or less What you’ll learn • Identify real-world generative AI uses and describe popular generative AI models and tools for text, […]

[Coursera] Generative AI for Everyone

Coursera – Generative AI for Everyone [FCO] About Gain insight into a topic and learn the fundamentals What you’ll learn • What generative AI is and how it works, its common use cases, and what this technology can and cannot do. • How to think through the lifecycle of a generative AI project, from conception […]

[Coursera] Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL Specialization

Coursera – Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL Specialization [FCO] About Build the Foundation for your Data Science career. Develop hands-on experience with Jupyter, Python, SQL. Perform Statistical Analysis on real data sets. What you’ll learn • Working knowledge of Data Science Tools such as Jupyter Notebooks, R Studio, GitHub, Watson Studio • Python […]

[VueMastery] Programming an AI-Powered App

VueMastery – Programming an AI-Powered App [FCO] About Welcome to the exciting world of AI-powered applications! I’m Sandra Rodgers, and I’ll be your instructor as we embark on a journey together to create an AI-powered app that uses some of the newest and most powerful AI technologies. Throughout this course, you’ll learn the skills and […]

[Coursera] Deep Learning Specialization

Coursera – Deep Learning Specialization [FCO] About Become a Machine Learning expert. Master the fundamentals of deep learning and break into AI. Recently updated with cutting-edge techniques! What you’ll learn • Build and train deep neural networks, identify key architecture parameters, implement vectorized neural networks and deep learning to applications • Train test sets, analyze […]

[O’REILLY] Learn AI-Assisted Python Programming

O’REILLY – Learn AI-Assisted Python Programming [FCO] About Writing computer programs in Python just got a lot easier! Use AI-assisted coding tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to turn your ideas into applications faster than ever. AI has changed the way we write computer programs. With tools like Copilot and ChatGPT, you can describe what […]

Complete AI Course: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney and More AI

Complete AI Course: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney and More Ai [FCO] About Comprehensive Ai MASTERCLASS: Learn ChatGPT, DALL-E and Midjourney all in one place What you’ll learn • Learn the Basics of ChatGPT • Learn how to use ChatGPT for SEO, Freelancing, and Content Creation • Learn the Basics of Dall-E • Learn how to use […]

[Coursera] AI for Good Specialization

Coursera – AI for Good Specialization [FCO] About Learn AI’s role in addressing complex challenges. Build skills combining human and machine intelligence for positive real-world impact using AI What you’ll learn – Master a step-by-step framework for the development of AI projects. – Explore real-world case studies related to public health, climate change, and disaster […]

ChatGPT & React: Introduction to the AI Chatbot Revolution

ChatGPT & React: Introduction to the AI Chatbot Revolution [FCO]   Integrating AI & Web Development: Master ChatGPT, React.js, API Integration, and UI Design   Description This comprehensive course, designed for budding developers and tech enthusiasts, delves deep into the fascinating world of AI chatbot development using two powerful tools: React.js and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With […]

[MasterClass] Noam Chomsky Teaches Independent Thinking And The Media’s Invisible Powers

MasterClass – Noam Chomsky Teaches Independent Thinking And The Media’s Invisible Powers [FCO] About Renowned scholar, linguist, and political activist Noam Chomsky explores the dark side of media. Learn to cut through propaganda, defend against manipulation, and control what you consume. In-Detail Dive into the invisible powers of media with Noam Chomsky. One of the […]

[Coursera] Linear Algebra From Elementary To Advanced Specialization

Coursera – Linear Algebra from Elementary to Advanced Specialization [FCO] About Learn Linear Algebra – the Theory of Everything!. Master techniques and theory of linear algebra Specialization – 3 course series This specialization is a three course sequence that will cover the main topics of undergraduate linear algebra. Defined simply, linear algebra is a branch […]

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning [eBook]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Innovations in Health Informatics and Healthcare) [eBook] [FCO] About This book focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and how they are progressively being incorporated into a wide range of products, including consumer gadgets, “smart” personal assistants, cutting-edge medical diagnostic systems, and quantum computing systems. This concise […]

Accelerators For Convolutional Neural Networks [eBook]

Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks [eBook] [FCO] About Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks Comprehensive and thorough resource exploring different types of convolutional neural networks and complementary accelerators Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks provides basic deep learning knowledge and instructive content to build up convolutional neural network (CNN) accelerators for the Internet of things (IoT) and […]

Beyond The Code: GPT Models, The Singularity, And Posthumanism [eBook]

Beyond the Code: GPT Models, The Singularity, and Posthumanism (Through the AI Lens: The Futurism Files) [eBook] [FCO]   About In the thought-provoking expanse of “Beyond the Code: GPT Models, The Singularity, and Posthumanism,” the reader embarks on an intricate journey through the complex realms of artificial intelligence, the impending singularity, and the philosophical depths […]

Computational Approaches To Conscious Artificial Intelligence [eBook]

Computational Approaches To Conscious Artificial Intelligence [eBook] [FCO] About Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen rapid advancements in recent years, particularly in the areas of deep learning and the ability to generalize from concrete objects to abstract concepts. Meanwhile, in the study of machine consciousness, a universally agreed definition among scientists and philosophers is still lacking. […]

Progress In Artificial Intelligence [eBook]

Progress in Artificial Intelligence: 21st EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2022, Lisbon, Portugal, August 31–September 2, 2022, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 13566) 1st ed. 2022 Edition [eBook] [FCO] About This book constitutes the proceedings of the 21st EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2022, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in August/September […]

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Power 5 Battlegrounds [Audiobook]

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Power 5 Battlegrounds [Audiobook] [FCO]   About Artificial intelligence is only partially visible, just like an iceberg. To understand it fully, we must look beneath the surface. The positive side is that technology is making machines smarter. However, the deeper view explained in this book shows that AI is […]

[ZeroToMastery] PyTorch for Deep Learning

ZeroToMastery – PyTorch for Deep Learning [FCO] About Learn PyTorch from scratch! This PyTorch course is your step-by-step guide to developing your own deep learning models using PyTorch. You’ll learn Deep Learning with PyTorch by building a massive 3-part real-world milestone project. By the end, you’ll have the skills and portfolio to get hired as […]

[Code With Mosh] Complete Python Mastery

Learn Python for AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and App Development Hi, I’m Mosh and I love to teach you Python in this course! What is Python? In a nutshell: Python = Powerful & Versatile Mathematicians, scientists and engineers love Python. Why? Because it makes complex calculations and iterative and repetitive tasks really straightforward to […]

[MIT] Future Compute 2022

MIT – Future Compute 2022 [FCO] Description Transforming computing into competitive advantage MIT Future Compute Conference From the latest in edge, quantum, 5G, IoT, and AI to what’s emerging in silicon, spatial, the metaverse, and more, Future Compute is an executive summary of computing technology for IT and business leaders tasked with maximizing innovation and […]

[Udacity] Intel® Edge AI for IoT Developers

Nanodegree Program–nd131 Intel® Edge AI for IoT Developers Lead the development of cutting-edge Edge AI applications for the future of the Internet of Things. Leverage the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit to fast-track development of high-performance computer vision & deep learning inference applications. Estimated Time 3 Months At 10 hours / week Prerequisites Intermediate Python, […]

[Udacity] AI for Healthcare | Nanodegree Program

  Nanodegree Program–320 AI for Healthcare Be at the forefront of the revolution of AI in Healthcare, and transform patient outcomes. Enable enhanced medical decision-making powered by machine learning to build the treatments of the future. Estimated Time 4 months At 15 hours / week Enroll by Get access to the classroom immediately on enrollment […]

[PacktPub] Securing Your AI and Machine Learning Systems [Video]

  Alexander Polyakov January 22, 2020 2 hours 10 minutes Design secure AI/ML solutions More Information Learn Design secure AI solution architectures to cover all aspects of AI security from model to environment Create a high-level threat model for AI solutions and choose the right priorities against various threats Design specific security tests for image […]

[Linkedin] Enhancing Images with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  Course Beginner + Intermediate 2h 16m 59s Released on December 23, 2019 Course details The use of artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the way that photos are edited and enhanced. New creative options are unlocked and previously impossible tasks are made easy. Don’t wait to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Join instructor Rich […]

[PacktPub] Mathematics for Data Science and Machine Learning using R [Video]

Eduonix Learning Solutions September 27, 2019 11 hours 57 minutes Learn the basic math for Data Science, AI, and ML using R More Information Learn Master the basic math concepts you need for data science and Machine Learning Learn to implement mathematical concepts using R Master linear algebra, calculus, and vector calculus from the ground […]

[Udacity] AI Product Manager ND v1.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd088 Become an AI Product Manager Learn to develop AI products that deliver business value. Build skills that help you compete in the new AI-powered world. ESTIMATED TIME 2 Months At 5-10 hours/week ENROLL BY September 25, 2019 Get access to classroom immediately on enrollment PREREQUISITES No Experience Required See prerequisites in detail IN […]

[Udacity] Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree and Specializations v1.0.0

CAREER-READY NANODEGREE–nd898–nd889 Artificial Intelligence Learn essential Artificial Intelligence concepts from AI experts like Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, including search, optimization, planning, pattern recognition, and more. 1 Term 3 Months Study 12 hrs / week WHY ENROLL Become career-ready faster INDUSTRY SIZE & DEMAND AI technogies will significantly grow with a compound annual growth rate […]