[Coursera] Python Development with ChatGPT: Fullstack App Development

Coursera – Python Development with ChatGPT: Fullstack App Development [FCO] What you’ll learn • Implement automated content generation through the OpenAI API based on external data sources • Create visually appealing and intuitive UIs in Python with minimal prompting of ChatGPT • Optimize data processing and deploy web app through ChatGPT-assisted iteration About this Guided […]

[Code With Mosh] Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript

Code With Mosh – Mastering Next.js 13 with TypeScript [FCO] About Everything you need to build full-stack applications with Next.js 13+ (App Router) and TypeScript What You’ll Learn – Confidently build full-stack apps with Next.js 13+ and TypeScript – Style Next.js applications with Tailwind or CSS modules – Implement routing and navigation using the new […]

[JoyOfReact] The Joy Of React – Josh Comeau

JoyOfReact – The Joy of React – Josh W Comeau [FCO] About The all-new interactive learning experience that teaches you how to build rich, dynamic web apps with React. So, let’s be real. Learning React is hard. Over the past few years, React has become a “must-have” skill for front-end developers. Just about every job […]

[ZeroToMastery] Complete Next.js Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery

  Learn Next JS from industry experts using modern best practices. The only Next JS tutorial + projects course you need to learn Next JS, build enterprise-level React applications from scratch & get hired as a Next.js Developer in 2022.   Course Details Just released with all the latest Next.js features for 2022! We guarantee […]