[Coursera] Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization

Coursera – Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization [FCO]



Unlock and leverage the potential of generative AI. Learn how you can use the capabilities of generative AI to enhance your work and daily life.


What you’ll learn

• Explain the fundamental concepts, capabilities, models, tools, applications, and platforms of generative AI foundation models.

• Apply powerful prompt engineering techniques to write effective prompts and generate desired outcomes from AI models.

• Discuss the limitations of generative AI and explain the ethical concerns and considerations for the responsible use of generative AI.

• Recognize the ability of generative AI to enhance your career and help implement improvements at your workplace.


Skills you’ll gain

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Prompt Engineering
• Generative AI Careers
• Generative AI
• Foundation Models


Specialization – 5 course series

Generative AI is revolutionizing our lives.

This specialization provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, models, tools, and applications of generative AI to enable you to leverage the potential of generative AI toward a better workplace, career, and life.

The specialization consists of five short, self-paced courses, each requiring 3–5 hours to complete.

Understand powerful prompt engineering techniques and learn how to write effective prompts to produce desired outcomes using generative AI tools.

Learn about the building blocks and foundation models of generative AI, such as the GPT, DALL-E, and IBM Granite models. Gain an understanding of the ethical implications, considerations, and issues of generative AI.

Listen to experts share insights and tips for being successful with generative AI. Learn to leverage Generative AI to boost your career and become more productive.

Practice what you learn using hands-on labs and projects, which are suitable for everyone and can be completed using a web browser. These labs will give you an opportunity to explore the use cases of generative AI through popular tools and platforms like IBM watsonx.ai, OpenAI ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and Hugging Face.

This specialization is for anyone passionate about discovering the power of generative AI and requires no prior technical knowledge or a background in AI. It will benefit professionals from all walks of life.

1. Generative AI: Introduction and Applications
2. Generative AI: Prompt Engineering Basics
3. Generative AI: Foundation Models and Platforms
4. Generative AI: Impact, Considerations, and Ethical Issues
5. Generative AI: Business Transformation and Career Growth

5 Courses, Total, 219 Files, 45 Folders


Applied Learning Project

Throughout this specialization, you will complete hands-on labs and projects to help you gain practical experience with text, image, and code generation, prompt engineering tools, foundation models, AI applications, and IBM watsonx.ai.

Some examples of the labs included are:

• Text generation using ChatGPT and Bard

• Image generation using GPT and Stable Diffusion

• Code generation in action

• Getting to know prompting tools

• Experimenting with prompts

• Different approaches in prompt engineering

• Generative AI foundation models

• Exploring IBM watsonx.ai and Hugging Face



Rav Ahuja, Antonio Cangiano

Offered By IBM


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