[Code4Startup] Fundamental Android for newbies in just 1 hour

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Course Description:

This short course will cover basic and core concepts that you need to know to get up and running with Android in just 1 hour.

It will help the beginners to start building their own Android apps from scratch. By the end of this course (after about 1 hour), you will get a taste of how to build an Android app and gain more confident of building bigger apps.

You will be building a Movies List app that allow users to browse new movies and view the trailers. It’s simple app but you will learn so much here as a newbie. From designing UI to writing code.

Who should join this course?

Anyone!!! Because:

  • It’s FREE
  • In just about 1 hour, you will learn quickly how to design with UI and code an Android app.
  • With simple but key concept and practices you learn here, you can get a taste of how easy it is to build an Android app.
  • This course is fun 🙂

You will walk away with:

  • A taste of how to build your very first Android App.
  • How to install and setup environment for Android development.
  • How to design UI with Constraint Layout.
  • How to build your Android app with Object Oriented Programming mindset.
  • Understand key concepts like Activity and Adapter.
  • How to transfer data between different Screen in Android app.
  • How to work with Button, Textbox, ListView, VideoView, ImageView.
  • How to customise your ActionBar.
  • How to create your own icon and build a setup file for your Android app.


Duration: 4h 34m


Size: 479MB


Course: https://code4startup.com/projects/android-for-newbies-in-just-1-hour

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