[ZeroToMastery] Rust Programming: The Complete Developer’s Guide


Learn the Rust programming language from scratch! Learn how to code & build real-world applications using Rust so that you can get hired and be recognized as a top programmer. No previous experience needed.


Course Details

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Rust programming course that you can find to go from absolute beginner to learning the fundamentals of programming and becoming a Rust developer.

Students continue to tell us that this course is the perfect complement to the official Rust-Lang Book (which is also a fantastic resource). Why?

Because this course is focused on learning by doing, not watching endless tutorials with nothing to show for it. You are going to learn Rust by actually coding along and building your own Rust projects.

By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom so that you’ll be learning alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors.

Most importantly, you will be learning from (and with) Jayson, an industry expert that has actual real-world experience using Rust to build applications for companies.

But I don’t know anything about Rust!? Perfect. This Rust programming course is built for you, the complete beginner who wants to learn how to code without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon and computer science topics.

We will start by teaching you the core programming concepts necessary to get started building applications while also providing a solid foundation for future learning.

The best way to learn programming is to actually DO IT! That’s why you will be writing engaging and interesting programs as quickly as possible.

How, you ask? This course features 30 coding exercises to complement the lectures, and are designed with real-world applications in mind.

Each exercise presents a problem with hints on how to implement a solution, so you can get the practice you need to be successful. The exercises are accompanied with a video demonstrating a possible implementation for the exercise, and line-by-line commentary on how the code accomplishes the task and why it works.

The information in this course is introduced in a thoughtful order, which means you will always be aware of what every bit of code in a program is doing, and how it works the way it does. There is no need to wait until later in the course, or to study more advanced topics, in order to fully understand the code when presented. This is accomplished by building up your knowledge through concise, easy to follow lectures that can be reviewed quickly.


By the end of this course, you will learn

• Critical concepts necessary to work with code, without overwhelming detail
• Creation of digital solutions for real-world problems
• Reading and writing application code in the Rust programming language
• Utilization of the Rust ecosystem to efficiently develop applications
• Automated testing to enhance the reliability of your solutions
• How to make your projects easier to work with through the use of generated documentation
• Foundational computer science topics such as computer memory, program logic, and simple data structures


What you’ll learn

• Fundamentals of computer programming concepts such as conditional logic, loops, and data transformations
• Foundational computer science topics such as computer memory, program logic, and simple data structures
• Working with data: enums, structs, tuples, expressions, optional data and more
• Solid understanding of all core concepts of the Rust programming language such as: memory, mutability, traits, slices, and generics
• Reading and writing application code in the Rust programming language
• Utilization of the Rust ecosystem to develop applications more efficiently
• How to translate real-life requirements into working applications to solve real-world problems (and that you can add to your portfolio)
• How to make your programs reliable through the use of automated testing and by leveraging features of the Rust language


Who is this Rust course for?

• Anyone who wants to gain a complete and practical understanding of the Rust programming language without needing ANY prior programming or Rust knowledge
• You want a step-by-step guide to learn how to code using the Rust programming language from scratch all the way to being able to get hired at a top company as a Rust developer
• Anyone with some programming experience that wants to learn a more powerful low-level programming language that is much safer and more preferred by big companies
• Anyone who wants to learn the most-loved (voted on by 80,000+ developers for 5 years in a rows) and one of the fastest growing programming languages
• Students who are frustrated with their current progress with all of the beginner Rust tutorials out there that don’t go beyond the basics and don’t give you real-world practice or skills you need to actually get hired
• Bootcamp or online Rust tutorial graduates that want to go beyond the basics
• You want to learn Rust from someone with real-world experience having designed, written, and deployed reliable and secure Rust-powered full-stack web applications


Are there any prerequisites for this course?

• A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with an internet connection. That’s it!
• No prior programming knowledge is required. You will learn everything from scratch
• A willingness and enthusiasm to learn

This course is absolutely ideal for beginners. While you will learn many more advanced topics as well, this course might not be for you if you already have more than a few years of Rust experience.


Why should I learn Rust?

We like you already. Asking those smart, tough questions! Thankfully Jayson wrote a post dedicated to answering this question but here’s the 5 main reasons why you should learn rust:

1. Puts Developers First
2. Dependable Code
3. WebAssembly (Wasm)
4. Industry Support
5. Proven Track Record


Meet your instructors

Hi! I’m Jayson.
Software Engineer & Instructor

Jayson Lennon is a self-taught software developer and Linux computing enthusiast. Using his knowledge from being industry certified in networking & security, he has designed, written, and deployed reliable and secure Rust-powered full-stack web applications.

Jayson’s goal as a Zero To Mastery Academy instructor is to combine his unique experience as a self-taught and university trained programmer to help students learn in the most effective way possible and provide lessons that are clear, detailed and easy to follow along.

Jayson knows that anyone who truly wants to become a software developer will be able to do so with enough practice and the proper instruction. He is dedicated to helping guide you to make that happen.


Size: 5.03GB


Course: https://academy.zerotomastery.io/p/learn-rust

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