[TalkPython] Python 3.11: A Guided Tour Through Code Course

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TalkPython – Python 3.11: A Guided Tour Through Code Course [FCO]



Student materials and handouts for our Python 3.11: A Guided Tour Through Code course


Course Summary

Python 3.11 is one of the most significant releases in years. It’s also one of the biggest with the change log weighing in at over 175,000 words of updates. You may have seen the headline features. But have you had a chance to explore them with code and really see how they can make your apps better? This 2-hour course is your guided tour of the changes to Python with this important release.

Source code and course GitHub repository https://github.com/talkpython/python-311-code-tour


What will you learn?

In this course, you will:

– Gain a comprehensive understanding of Python 3.11’s features
– See how TaskGroups can clean up and improve multiple coordinated async tasks
– Handle multiple errors with Python’s new except * syntax
– See how 3.11’s new and improved error messages will help both with developing and fixing errors in production
– Add notes to exceptions to improve the context and understanding of what went wrong
– Coordinate multiple async tasks with asyncio.Barrier
– Add a timeout to a group of async tasks with the new timeout context manager
– See why and how 3.11’s zero-cost exceptions work
– Learn about Python 3.11’s new specializing, adaptive interpreter and see how it makes Python code faster
– Use Specialist to visualize and actually improve your applications most critical loops
– Avoid SQL-Injection and other nasty traps with 3.11’s new LiteralString type.
– And lots more


Who is this course for?

For anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest Python features. In this course we focus on Python 3.11’s new features of course. But in doing so, we tie them back to many of modern Python’s latest idioms and capabilities.

As for prerequisites, we assume:

– Basic familiarity with the Python programming language and core tools (e.g. pip)
– The tools chosen and featured during this course are 100% free and most of them are open source.



My name is Michael, nice to meet you. 😉 There are a couple of reasons I’m especially qualified to teach you Python.

1. I’m the host of the #1 podcast on Python called Talk Python To Me. Over there, I’ve interviewed many of the leaders and creators in the Python community. I bring that perspective to all the courses I create.

2. I’ve been a professional software trainer for over 10 years. I have taught literally thousands of professional developers in hundreds of courses throughout the world.


General Info:

Author(s): Michael Kennedy
Language: English
Updated: 12/2022
Videos Duration: 1h 55m
Course Source: https://training.talkpython.fm/courses/python-3.11-a-guided-tour-through-code


Size: 707MB

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