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BuildFast Academy – Build Fast Masterclass [FCO]



“How to finally Launch your AI Product (without ripping your hair out).. that makes you money in 30 days (or less)”

But unlike other AI courses, you won’t learn passively – you will code 5 live-production projects (no AI experience required) and join a community of serial builders (from FAANG engineers to traders on Wall Street.)

(No “business” or “project” idea required — we give you the idea & teach you how to build it, fast!)


Stop Learning
Start Building

The biggest mistake people make is consuming too much content.

But how is that even possible? Well, we read something on Twitter, or go through never-ending online tutorials on YouTube that we think will change our lives (they don’t).

Well, enough is enough.

Instead, you want to do something called “just-in-time learning.”

By learning something, then immediately applying what you learned in the form of building something, that knowledge crystallizes in your brain.

Here’s the other kicker:

By building projects off what you just learned, you retain the knowledge even further and the ultimate dopamine hit by finally shipping something.


Let’s Create, Faster

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes studying for the sake of studying. We are all builders at heart. Builders want to create products that users admire. You can learn everything on your own by gathering information from YouTube videos, studying technical documentation, trying different tips and tricks on Twitter. But imagine this: You go from being completely unfamiliar with AI to building and releasing your first chatbot or AI voice app. BuildFast Academy was created for this very reason.



Peter founder of BuildFast Academy


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