[Travis Waith Mair] Mastering CSS Layout

Travis Waith Mair – Mastering CSS Layout [FCO]


Mastering CSS Layout

Become confident in building any CSS layout by learning the fundamental CSS Design Patterns and Best Practices that are responsible for all the CSS layouts in the world.

Make CSS easy and intuitive by identifying those building blocks in seconds in every layout and learn how to code each of them using CSS Grid or Flexbox. By the end of this course, CSS will finally “click”.

Everything will make sense and you’ll know how to build from scratch or edit both simple and complex layouts.


Unlock the Secrets of CSS Layouts with Practical Expertise in Design Patterns


• How to make CSS make sense by understanding the fundamental building blocks of web pages

• How to build any layout you want and keep it sturdy and unbreakable

• How to instantly recognize common problems in web layouts

• What are the 7 Design Patterns that help you solve every layout problem you’re going to ever face

• How to detect what design patterns were used and where in each layout

• How to implement these Design Patterns in both CSS Grid and Flexbox

• What you should and shouldn’t do when building your layouts

• When to use CSS Grid and when to opt for Flexbox instead (and why)

• How to become confident in your CSS layout skills

• How to build layouts in record time



Hi! I’m Travis Waith-Mair. I am a senior front-end developer and the creator of the Bedrock Layout Primitives, https://bedrock-layout.dev/, a library of components designed to make layout composition easier.

I am also the author of The newline Guide to Composing Layouts in React here at newline.


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Course Source: https://www.newline.co/courses/mastering-css-layout


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