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VueMastery – Programming an AI-Powered App [FCO]



Welcome to the exciting world of AI-powered applications! I’m Sandra Rodgers, and I’ll be your instructor as we embark on a journey together to create an AI-powered app that uses some of the newest and most powerful AI technologies.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn the skills and techniques needed to create a truly intelligent application that can interact with users, understand natural language, process audio inputs, and even analyze images.


What we’ll be building

Now that we’re excited about all the fascinating AI technologies we’re going to learn, let’s take a look at what we’ll be building.

It’s an App that we can use to analyze content – text, audio, or images.

For our Text Analysis feature, we take a text selection, and then ask the AI questions about it, getting a response in return.


Ready to Build

Now we’re ready to start building! In the next lesson of the course, we’ll learn how to use Open AI’s chat completion API. This is the main technology behind the famous chatGPT. We want to give our app the intelligence it needs to answer questions about text, so we’ll use OpenAI as the brain of our AI-Powered App. Let’s get started!


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