[Frontend FYI] Animating the web with Framer Motion

Frontend FYI – Animating the web with Framer Motion [FCO]



The right animations breathe life into web pages, while over-the-top ones can be a distraction. In this course, I will teach you the perfect balance, diving deep into the world of meaningful animations.

You’ll learn not just to animate, but to enhance user experience gracefully. Your skills will not only slide to the next level – they’ll animate there, bringing a touch of elegance and functionality to every project!

Creating smooth, performant, and beautiful animations is difficult. Framer Motion helps overcome many of these challenges. In this course, I’ll walk you through everything Framer Motion has to offer. Together we’ll explore all of Framer’s APIs and create impressive real-world designs.


Framer Motion Course

Learn all about animating the web with Framer Motion in my new course!




Teaching you the craft of frontend.


Media Information:

MP4 | Video: h264, 3840x2160p 4K | Audio: AAC, 48.000 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Last updated: 2/2024 | Duration: 21 Lessons ( 1h 38m 4s )

Course Source: https://www.frontend.fyi/course/framer-motion


Size: 2.76GB

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