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Awais Jamil

About This Class

Python for Beginners

Welcome to Python for beginners course. I Awais Mirza and i will be your intructure for this course. This course will teach everything about the programming using python and this course is targeted toward absolute beginner which means if you have never written a line of code don’t worry we will start by understanding what is a programming langugage and what it can do for us so there are no prerequisite for this course.

So what is python why would you want to learn it. First let’s take a look at what you can build with python.

* Server Side Web Application
* Desktop Application
* API for Mobile and Web apps
* Machine Learning
* Artificial Inteligence

As you can see python cover many differnt areas in IT and it is one of the most in demand programming language so if you want to get a job as programming python is great for that.

* In this course we will start by understanding how computer understand code and how can we give intructions to the computer to perform some task for us. Once we understand the basics we will jump right into python. We will cover these topics

* Setup Development Envrionment for ( Windows / Mac / Linux )
+ Python Repl
* Terminal Commands
* Variables
* Condition Statements
* Loops
* Data Structure
* Object Oriented Nature of Python

There are several excersices through out the course to test our skills.

I am really excited to have you on board learning python. Alright so if you are ready then let’s jump right it.


Project Description

There are several exercises available in the course. I would highly recommend write code along with me and personal those activity before watching the solution. Once you have the solution then you can check you solution with mine.

There are also small activities i will ask you to do during the course so make sure perform those activities the get he most out of this course.

About Author

Hello, I’m Awais Jamil a full stack software engineer with over 10+ years experience

Skills in this Class:

• Technology
• Programming
• Web Development
• Python
• Script


Size: 1.76GB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Python-For-Absolute-Beginner/1051852741

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