[SkillShare] Python 3 – Object Oriented Programming

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SkillShare – Python 3 – Object Oriented Programming [FCO]


About This Class

What is/when/and why should you use Object Oriented Programming?

What are classes?

What are objects?

What is an instance of the class?

What characterizes objects?

How to create objects using classes?

How do you create methods?

What is “self”?

You will learn the difference between a global method and one within a class.

__init__ – initializer – object constructor. The method that is always called during the construction of the object.

What is init, why do we use it, how to use it?

How to document? How to record the facts regarding your class and class’ methods?

What are dunder methods?

How to organize files when more than one class appears?

How do you refer to rockets with the help of an object made from the RocketBoard class?

How to implement indexing in your object?

Is it important to understand Math? Let’s talk about how real programming looks like.

How to create and when to use static methods?

How to set annotations regarding type of variables in Python?

How to implement len method which will count amount of things that you decide you want to count 😉

How to use static variables? When to use them?

Practising classes on bank account example – withdrawing and depositing money.

How to properly handle returned values from methods?

What is inheritance?

What is parent/super class? What is child/subclass? How to override method from parent class?


Hands-on Class Project

Create a class representing a rocket

The rocket can:

1) move up

Think about what:

a) attributes

b) methods

rockets needs.

Create 5 Rocket instances with a starting altitude of 0

Move rockets up 10 TIMES – RANDOMLY

Do not move ALL rockets one position up

The choice of rocket to move up is to be random.

Then write the altitude of individual rockets


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