[SkillShare] Learn Python In 120 Minutes: Complete Python Programming



In this class we will Learn Python from the scratch the class is completely for noobs so even if you don’t have any prior programming experience or never written a single line of code you will still be able to understand and follow along


Class Content: Entire class is divided into 6 modules and in each module we will have couple of lessons

• Basic Concepts
• Data Structures
• Control Flow
• Functions & Modules
• File & Exception Handling
• Additional Concepts


What You Will Learn:

• Data Types(String, integer, float)
• Input
• Variables
• Arithmetic Operations
• Tuple
• List
• Set
• Dictionary
• Operations on tuple and dict
• If else & elif statements
• For loops
• Range()
• While loops
• Continue, Break
• Functions
• Return
• Global & local variables
• Built in functions
• Modules
• Random
• Time & Datetime
• Python Standard Library
• File Handling
• Errors in Python
• Exception Handling
• Raise Exceptions
• List Comprehensions
• Lambda Functions
• Zen of python PEP 8


Projects & Resources

Create a python program called my_math.py and add as many functionalities as you can into your program like you can create a function to find out factorial of a number or a function to give square root of a number or function to calculate the area of a circle etc… or you can just google formula to calculate something then create a function and implement that formula in your function.

Once you have created the project share its source code (You can create your program in www.repl.it and share it’s link… like Here is mine )

Try to add as many functionalities as you can..! for more refer project lesson of the class


Covered Topics

• Technology
• Programming
• Web Development
• Python
• Python Programming
• Programming Languages
• Programming Foundations


About Author

Hello, Tahir here.. I’m a full stack developer and digital marketer working with technologies such as Python, JavaScript, SQL, html, CSS and various frameworks in these technologies. I am a self taught programmer. And I strongly believe in “The best way to learn any skill is to learn by doing” so most of my classes are and will be project oriented.


Size: 704MB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-Python-In-120-Minutes-Complete-Python-Programming/2061214591

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