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Dániel Ernő Szabó, Pythonista in the making

About This Class


This course is about network and linux automation via the famous nornir framework. In this course you will get a strong fundation to use for your daily network automation struggles, an linux versions. We will learn how to initialize the project, how to execute commands on linux devices, and how to configure network devices in your infrastructure. There are extra videos which will give you more insight as to what it’s like to really get the job done.

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Project Description

The students are required to upload specified course goals in the lessons. At the end of the course based on the acquired knowledge the students should create their own nornir project and upload the created inventory, config files to the project.

Covered Topics

• Technology
• Web Development
• Nornir


About Author

Dániel Ernő Szabó

Pythonista in the making

Hello, I’m Dániel Ernő.

I currently work as a devops engineer. I have several years of experience with various platforms and I’m here to teach some advanced techniques which may attribute your job security 😉




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Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Nornir-Network-Automation/1257411054

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