[SkillShare] Angular Material Theming Workshop (Advanced, 2021)


About This Class

In this 3-hours workshop you will learn how to properly create and extend Angular Material Theme in order to keep it consistent and maintainable. We will dive into source code and explore hidden features and tricks which are not even covered in official Angular Material documentation.

This is a 100% practical course which consists mostly from coding and very small pieces of necessary theory. New knowledge will be immediately applied to the real-live angular project, so you could use those tricks right away at your work and amaze your colleagues.

Besides theming you will learn basics of SASS language which is absolutely necessary to work with Theming in Angular Material but do not be afraid, you will not be overwhelmed because I will teach you only things you need in order to successfully complete the course.

Here you can see the list of main features you will learn:

• How to migrate from CSS3/LESS to SASS;
• Understanding of Material Color System;
• Extending of Color Palette with additional colors (success / info);
• How to theme your own components;
• How to implement Dark Theme;
• Configuration of Typography;
• How to optimise theme bundle size and lazy load theme;
• How to deal with density;
• Proper overriding of default Material sizes, values etc

I wish you good luck and I would be happy to see you at my workshop lessons.


Hands-on Class Project

A class project should be an Angular 11 application which implements next functionality:

• Should have at least 2 Angular Material components (Card, Toolbars etc);
• Should have at least 1 your own component (could be any);
• Your own component should have its own theme;
• Application should support Dark theme;
• The font of the application should be Poppins;

You can add some additional functionality if you wish.


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Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Dmytro Mezhenskyi, I have been working as a Lead Frontend Developer. I started to build my first projects in 2012 and since that time I have been constantly learning new technologies and working on different complex projects. Since March 2020 I have been running my YouTube channel and back then I had realised that I really enjoy to teach cool things people around the globe.


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Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Angular-Material-Theming-Workshop-Advanced-2021/1740091181

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