[SkillShare] Learn Serverless and AWS whilst building a Full-Stack App with React


Sam Williams

Release Date : 2020-08-15


About This Class

Learn about Serverless and AWS whilst building a full-stack app to allow users to send emails to their customers.

Project Description

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create and deploy an API using AWS and Serverless, create a React app and hook the two together.

This class project, please customise your App and send in a screenshot. You could change the Logo, the title, add more styling or anything else. I love to see what you can do with this project.


If you want to take this one step further you can add extra functionality to your app and API

To practice this I want you to create a new API endpoint that allows you to send an SMS message. You can then add a new field to your app which is “destination mobile number”. If they enter a mobile number with country code, hit the “sendSMS” API endpoint, if they enter an email, hit the “sendEmail” endpoint (like we did in the course)

Here’s a little bit of code to help you send an SMS from your API. You’ll still have to set up the rest of the  API and add it to your serverless.yml file.

const AWS = require(‘aws-sdk’);
const sns = new AWS.SNS();

const params = { Message: ‘TEXT_MESSAGE’, PhoneNumber: ‘E.164_PHONE_NUMBER’ };

await sns.publish(params).promise();

Skills in this Class:

Technology, Web Development


Size: 544MB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-Serverless-and-AWS-whilst-building-a-Full-Stack-App-with-React/1192304009/projects

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