[SkillShare] Conquer SQL Queries Step By Step From Scratch In Less Time Than Watching Netflix



If you are looking to acquire new skills, start a career or make a change this is the course for you. Whether you are preparing to work with data or build software, this class provides a step-by-step introduction to SQL (also known as SEQUEL). This is part one of a 2 part course


In this course you will:

• Learn how a database works
• Create a world-class database like the pros
• Write SQL queries
• Store and retrieve information from the database
• Test your knowledge with in-course quizzes
• Have fun learning

Together we cover the following topics:
== Beginnings ==

• Select, From and Where
• Operators
• And, Or
• In, Not In, Between
• Is Null, Is Not Null
• Like and Wildcards

== Aggregate Functions==

• Count and Distinct
• Sum, Average, Min and Max
• Working With Groups (Group By, Order By, Having)
• Giving Nicknames (Aliases)

== CRUD ==

• Create
• Insert
• Update
• Delete, Drop

== More Than One Table ==

• Inner Join
• Left Outer Join
• Right Outer Join
• Full Outer Join
• Aliases For Tables

Projects & Resources

The project for this class consists of two part which you will complete throughout the course.

PART 1: For part 1, you will create a world class oracle database and load data into it. Share a picture of your database once created.

PART 2: For part 2, as you go over the class please answer the following questions and post your answers

1) Write a query that will return the name, degree, city and totaldonated for alums with a BIOLOGY or STATISTICS degree

2) Find all alums that have a last name starting with an M.

3) How many alums have in each city have donated at least $1?

Remember to have some fun and make the learning process your own.



Covered Topics

• Technology
• Data Science


Size: 1.15GB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/CONQUER-SQL-queries-STEP-BY-STEP-FROM-SCRATCH-in-less-time-than-watching-NETFLIX/895880108

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