[SkillShare] Build Real Software with Python, PyQt5 and QT Designer


Abdelmoula Khdoudi, Engineer & Phd

About This Class

Are you thinking to master PyQt5 for Graphical User Interface Development ? Do you write some codes in Python and you wonder how you can convert everything to a nice interactive user interface that can be used by huge number of people ?

I can grantee to you that you are taking the best decision  in today World. After doing this course, you will meet your goal.

I designed this course in a way to cover all the mandatory aspects of Python-PyQt development, starting from Downloading the working tools until the final deployment of our software to other users. The learning method i chooses is particular because we will work on a real case study “nothing better than doing real things” =>  we will create a software to respond to a customer demand (a Spare Parts Management Software for Manufacturing Company)

Project Description


In this project, student is supposed complete the project Python code by adding some functions to allow the navigation between rows and the display of the values in the text boxes of the GUI.

I attached the projects files to allow you to focus only on the exercise and simply use the previous code that we developed in this course.

Projects tips:

Start by checking the objectNames of the 4 buttons: First, Previous, Next, Last

Then use what you learned in this course in other to connect the buttons to Class functions.

Define new class function and write the appropriate code.

Run the application and check if the navigation is working correctly with no errors.

If it’s Done, please share your updated code and also some screen captures.

About Author

Hello, I’m Abdelmoula.

Industrial Engineer with 7 years experience in different companies and fields.

Phd degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Lead of Smart Manufacturing in actual working company

Co-founder of an AI startup that deliver industrial based AI solution for performance improvement

Solid knowledge in: Industrial Technical fields, Business Management and Strategy, computer Science and Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced…


Skills in this Class:

Technology, Python, MySQL, SQLite, Data Science, PyQt5


Size: 0.97GB


Course: https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Build-Real-Software-with-Python-PyQt5-and-QT-Designer/1534156045

1 thought on “[SkillShare] Build Real Software with Python, PyQt5 and QT Designer”

  1. Hello Abdelmoula

    Thank you very much for the free course about python, pyqt5, QT-designer and SQLite (I converted the code to mySQL).
    Unfortunately, as many free stuff, it has some important gaps, that make the course unusable and frustrating to who try to understand it.

    1) Video about the UPDATE button (13-12) is the copy of the ADD button (15-14), so, you explain twice the ADD button and the UPDATE button not at all…

    2) The navigation buttons ([<] [<] [>>]) are not explained and deployed at all, how can you
    forget such a vital important point…

    This are the two most important points among some others.
    Do it better next time, and learn some fundamentals of didactic.
    Regards, and thank you again for your efforts

    Maurizio Omissoni
    Senior Linux System Engineer
    Zurich, Switzerland


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