[PacktPub] Hands-On WebAssembly for C++ Programmers [Video]


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Due to recent trends, companies are looking to design their applications live on the web. However, it’s easy to grow frustrated with JavaScript, which offers limited scope for fine- tuning performance.


If you want get ahead of your competitors by working in a language you’re comfortable with, one that is designed for speed? WebAssembly is your answer. Starting with first principles; you’ll learn is why WebAssembly is so powerful and why C++ is a natural fit. The you’ll look at compiling a program for WebAssembly using C++.


This course looking provides code examples, rather than slides so that you can really delve into the depths of WebAssembly. Allowing you to go beyond simple toy examples and learn about how real programs compile to WebAssembly.


You’ll find out that not everything works out right the first time, and it’s just as important to learn how to debug and profile your programs.


By the end of this course, you will have gained all the skills you need to get a speed advantage over pure JavaScript applications, leaving your competitors behind.


All the supporting codes and files are placed here https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-WebAssembly-for-C-Programmers



– Gain a robust understanding of WebAssembly and its place in the modern web ecosystem so that you can leverage it correctly
– Transform your C++ applications into WebAssembly so that you can deploy them to the web, but with the performance you’re used to
– Explore the in’s and out’s of WebAssembly by working through code so you understand core concepts
– Interact with system libraries, such as graphics and audio frameworks, to seamlessly convert heavy-duty C++ applications into WebAssembly
– Debug and profile C++/WebAssembly code, so that you can easily detect and remove bottlenecks

Publication date: April 2020
Publisher: Packt
Duration: 3 hours 14 minutes
ISBN: 9781839217753

About the Author

Patrick Viafore

Patrick Viafore is a software engineer with 12 years’ experience writing C++ and web applications. From meteorology software to telecommunication firmware and operating systems in the cloud, he’s been involved in many facets of the software world. Patrick has seen new technologies grow and blossom, and knows how hard it can be to stay on the cutting edge, especially given the lightning-quick pace of web development. He focuses on distilling the concepts that you care about, and reinforcing them with real code. In this course, he will be pulling code excerpts from real, open-source libraries and showing you how to transform them into WebAssembly. Patrick enjoys teaching and has given conference talks, hosted workshops, and mentored many developers.


Size: 1.25GB


Course: https://www.packtpub.com/product/hands-on-webassembly-for-c-programmers-video/9781839217753

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