[O’REILLY] Java Lambdas and the Stream API: Bringing Functional Programming to Java

by James McLaughlin
Publisher: Apress
Release Date: November 2019
ISBN: 9781484255940

Video Description


Come up to speed with Java functional programming and write effective Java code with less effort using lambdas and the stream API. Make your Java project code more reliable by using the declarative approach provided by these new Java features. Learn how to leverage the updated collections API to facilitate common functional programming patterns such as map/filter/reduce. If you’ve ever stumbled through constructing for loops and while loops, this video will add to your programming toolbox and allow you to leave such heavy lifting to the stream API.
You’ll begin your journey with the syntax of Java lambdas, what they are, and how to use them. You will then be introduced to Java streams and the various ways of creating them for the purpose of processing data. You will also learn about the updates which have been made to the Java collections API for supporting streams. Along the way you will be taught the streams API and how to use the methods defined in the Stream class to process data sources to obtain the results you desire by employing lambdas with the Stream class’ operations.
What You Will Learn
  • Write functional interfaces for defining lambdas
  • Master lambda syntax for implementing anonymous functions
  • Create streams associated with data sources
  • Process data through stream operations
  • Use method references for simplifying lambda expressions
  • Discover parallel and sequential streams and how they differ

Who This Video Is For

Software developers familiar with Java who wish to employ functional programming techniques in their software projects in order to write reliable, compact, and easy-to-read Java code.
Size: 543MB

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