[O’REILLY] Open Source Software Superstream Series: Java



Java’s been around for over a quarter of a century now, but it remains dominant in the world of programming due to its portability, speed, and security. Yet with today’s increased reliance on cloud computing and distributed systems, the language must keep changing to keep pace. In this Superstream event, Java Champions and other experts offer perspectives on topics from concurrency to functional programming, giving insight into how Java is keeping up with the cloud and beyond.


Table of Content:

• Welcome, and Ixchel Ruiz: State of Java
• Brian Goetz, Stuart Marks, and Nicolai Parlog: Ask the Java Architects—Java 17 and Beyond
• Holly Cummins: Trade-Offs, Bad Science, and Polar Bears—The World of Java Optimization
• Trisha Gee: Learning in Public—Learn New Java Features with IntelliJ IDEA
• Venkat Subramaniam: Learning in Public—Give Me a Break: More Functional Looping
• Marc R. Hoffmann: Learning in Public—Keeping Pace with Java Safely


Size: 1.15GB


Course: https://www.oreilly.com/videos/open-source-software/0636920563365/

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