[O’REILLY] Getting Started With Containers



6 Hours of Video Instruction

Learn everything you need to know about using Containers with either Docker or Podman.

Containers are everywhere. Getting Started with Containers LiveLessons covers a wide range of topics that will get you started on your containers journey. The course begins with an overview of the basics and key topics of what containers are and goes in depth of what working with containers entail. Each lesson provides detailed training followed by a hands-on lab, so you can practice your skills and extend your containers knowledge.

In more than 6 hours of engaging video training, experienced instructor Sander van Vugt teaches the essentials of containers; what a container is and how containers radically change the way we work. Getting Started with Containers LiveLessons will cover all the items that are important for running containers, including using and creating container images, providing persistent container storage, and providing access to containers. Taught using screencast with lightboard training and full demos, this is the course you need to truly understand containers.


Topics include

• Understanding Containers
• Exploring the Container Landscape
• Getting Started with Docker
• Performing Daily Container Management
• Using Containers on RHEL
• Managing Container Images
• Managing Container Storage
• Managing Container Networking
• The Role of Container Orchestration


Skill Level

• Beginner to Intermediate


Learn How To

• Get started with Docker or Podman
• Perform daily container management
• Create and manage container images
• Manage container persistent storage
• Manage container networking
• Understand the role of container orchestration


Who Should Take This Course

• This course is developed for anyone who wants to learn about containers.


Course Requirements

• A virtual or physical machine with the latest version of Rocky Linux for the Podman-based parts of this course.


Size: 8.85GB


Course: https://www.oreilly.com/videos/getting-started-with/9780137649648/

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